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411 on Hackers Webinar

What Is the "411 on How Hackers Are Infiltrating Your Systems" Webinar About?

Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, interviews product specialist Danielle from Huntress Labs about hackers and how to stop them in their tracks. During this webinar, you’ll learn high level security problems facing businesses today, the applications you should be monitoring, security strategies to put in place using our proactive approach and the security steps taken to resolve issues with TrixBot. For other webinars, visit our webinar library here.

Brown Financial Advisory

“I Wanted to Partner With Someone That I Felt Like Had the Resources to Really Protect Our Clients”

“I studied computer science while I was in college. So, I have a pretty good understanding of what happens in the Internet and the dark web and how at risk our clients could be without the adequate protections. So, I wanted to partner with someone that I felt like had the resources to really protect our clients and protect us from the potential for breach. I really appreciate BIS and the resources that they provide us. It provides me a ton of peace of mind and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you guys.” – Scott McLeod