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Are you getting a big enough bang for your buck with your current IT support? BIS delivers network consulting so you can get the most out of your technology investment while receiving suitable strategies for your business.

Our expert IT consultants take your unique business into account, so you never feel like your technology is “one size fits all.” BIS can show you how to leverage your technology investment with a solution that’s designed specifically for you. Our advice will bolster your business and put you in a position to prosper.

Public Cloud Architecture

Businesses that are in growth mode need a cloud solution that can easily scale as new employees and data are added. This type of solution reduces the upfront costs associated with designing a new cloud infrastructure. 

The BIS Public Cloud Architecture grows with your business and alleviates the frustrations of managing your own cloud solution.

Some organizations require more customization when it comes to their cloud architecture. They want the ability to manage their data’s security and meet compliance requirements.  

The BIS Private Cloud Architecture is an on-premise solution that can be customized with additional layers of security

Private Cloud Architecture

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

A lot of companies want the best of both worlds and opt for a combination of both public and private cloud architecture. This helps to meet both the security and scalability requirements. 

The BIS Hybrid Cloud Architecture provides business continuity and support for your remote workforce. 

Download Our Security Guide to Safeguard Against Ransomware

Reduce the threat of a ransomware security breach

Everyone can be a target for ransomware. While cybercriminals do have industries they favor and target, such as the healthcare and financial industries, everyone is susceptible to a ransomware attack if the proper training and security measures aren’t in place. Whether an individual user, small business or large enterprise, everyone is fair game to a cybercriminal looking to make money via ransomware.

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