BIS partners with EventTracker to help keep our clients protected with a Security Operations Center (SOC) that reviews billions of daily logs for cyber threats and catches things that seem “fishy” before they become a problem. From educational institutes to law firms, check to see what they’ve caught in your industry so you can be aware of the threat landscape.

What Is the BIS Security Operations Center (SOC)?

It is a centralized hub that focuses on proactively monitoring and managing all aspects of security, especially in relation to antivirus, malware, spyware and event monitoring. We also consistently audit and oversee client backups to ensure scheduled backups occur successfully which is essential in the case of a cyber attack. Our team of SOC engineers partners with the best vendors in the industry like Event Tracker to provide tools that assist in keeping cyber threats at bay. One of those tools is Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) which basically means that we analyze activity from many different vantage points across your entire IT network and remediate any security issues from the aggregated data.

Worried about cyber threats? Take a look at our BIS Advanced Cybersecurity Services.