Success Failed with Phillip Long

Building a business aint’ easy! Join Phillip Long, a 20+ year entrepreneur and the Gulf Coast’s favorite security expert, as he interviews guests on must-know tips for executives and founders going through the trials and tribulations of growing a business. This business podcast will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed in building an organization that thrives whether you’re an established company or are starting from the ground up.

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Season 5 | Episode 2

Community Empowerment 101: Strategies for Success

In this month’s episode of Success Failed with Phillip Long, join us as we delve into the heart of community empowerment with special guest Lee Ann Kendrick from Community Action of South Mississippi. Lee Ann shares her journey and the meaningful services she helps provide to the community, drawing from her life experiences that have uniquely prepared her for this role. From tackling poverty to fostering resilience, Lee Ann’s insights shed light on the transformative power of community action.

In Phillip’s thought of the month segment, he explores the essence of leadership, discussing key qualities and daily practices essential for effective leadership. Whether you’re leading a team or navigating your own path, Phillip’s insights offer valuable guidance for aspiring leaders.

Additionally, we uncover a concerning cyber threat in our cyber threat segment. Learn about the latest advancements in technology that pose a risk to our digital security: new threat applications capable of reading fingerprints and reproducing them, potentially compromising the biometric security measures on our phones. Stay informed and vigilant against evolving cyber threats in this digital age.

Tune in to this episode for a thought-provoking discussion on community empowerment, leadership, and cybersecurity. Success Failed with Phillip Long brings you the insights you need to navigate the complexities of success in today’s world. 

Past Episodes

Season 5 | Episode 1

How to Break Barriers and Lead Fearlessly: Insights from a Trailblazing Woman Entrepreneur

Join host Phillip Long on this episode of Success Failed as he delves into the world of overcoming challenges and mastering cybersecurity with expert guest Whitney Lucas, General Manager of Gilmore. Whitney shares her remarkable journey, highlighting the hurdles she’s faced and conquered with her inspirational attitude. From navigating leadership roles to thriving amidst adversity, her insights are sure to inspire and motivate.

In the cybersecurity segment, Phillip dissects the intricacies of cyber threats, focusing on the ominous phenomenon of credential stuffing. Gain valuable insights into understanding and defending against this pervasive threat, as they provide practical tips to safeguard your digital assets.

As the episode draws to a close, delve into the profound thought of the month: choosing your own happiness. Learn how to seize control of your happiness and resist the influence of external forces, empowering yourself to craft a fulfilling life on your own terms.

Tune in to Success Failed with Phillip Long for an enlightening conversation filled with inspiration, resilience, and actionable strategies for success in both personal and professional realms. 

Season 4 | Episode 6

How to Find Your Purpose, Master the Art of Communication and Protect Your Data

Welcome to another captivating episode of “Success Failed” with your host, Philip Long. Today, we have a remarkable guest, Rick Klemetson, a top-tier trainer from our business partner, Accent. Rick’s passion for teaching and his unique journey to self-discovery will inspire you.

Discover how Rick turned failures into stepping stones to live his best life. We’ll also dive into the power of words in building relationships in our “Thought of the Month” segment. Plus, stay tuned as we explore data breach laws specific to Alabama and how they’re executed in the event of a security incident.

Get ready for an insightful episode that combines personal growth, communication, and data protection. Let’s dive in! 🎙️💡 #SuccessFailedPodcast #PersonalGrowth #DataSecurity

Rick Klemetson 
Senior Technical Education Engineer

Season 4 | Episode 5

How to Lead with Biblical Principles for Business Success

In this episode of Success Failed with Phillip Long, get ready for an inspiring and insightful show as Phillip sits down with his pastor, Jack Hess from Mars Hill, to explore the fusion of biblical principles on leadership with the dynamic world of business. Tune in as Jack shares his incredible journey and the valuable lessons he learned along the way offering a unique perspective on how to effectively roll out leadership principles in the corporate landscape.

Phillip’s thought of the month centers around the power of engagement and providing clear direction for employees. Discover the tangible benefits of effective leadership and how it can elevate not only your team but also your overall business success.

In the cybersecurity awareness segment, Phillip emphasizes the crucial role of business owners in actively safeguarding their companies against ever-evolving threats. Find out why it’s essential for business owners to take charge of their cybersecurity and technology instead of leaving it solely in the hands of others.

This episode promises to be a thought-provoking journey filled with captivating stories, expert insights and practical takeaways to help you become a more effective leader and better secure your business. So buckle up, stay tuned and join Phillip Long in this engaging and enlightening exploration on Success Failed!

Special Guest:

Jack Hess,
Mars Hill

Season 4 | Episode 4

Age-Defying Fitness: How to Embrace Flexibility and Strength for Success in Your Personal and Professional Life

In this episode of Success Failed, host Phillip Long interviews Andrew Waters, owner of CrossFit Strong Heart in Foley, Alabama. Andrew, a certified coach, emphasizes the importance of flexibility and strength training as we age. He shares insights into various exercises and techniques that can help improve flexibility and build strength recounting personal and success stories of individuals who have transformed their lives through consistent training. Andrew also discusses the unexpected benefits of fitness, such as clearing brain fog and increasing productivity.

For his “Thought of the Month,” Phillip explores Stoicism and its relevance in modern life focusing on self-love and the impact of others’ opinions. Additionally, the cyber segment delves into the significance of internal controls in accounting systems that provides expert insights and practical tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Special Guest:

Andrew Waters,
Owner of CrossFit StrongHeart


Season 4 | Episode 3

Stormproofing Secrets: Hurricane Awareness, Password Management and Building Trust

In this exciting episode of “Success Failed” with host Phillip Long, we explore the critical importance of hurricane awareness, the significance of good password management and the indispensable role of communication in building trust.

Our featured guest, Sherry Crush, joins us from the Mobile County Emergency Management Agency, where she spearheads efforts to keep the public informed and prepared during hurricane seasons. Sherry shares invaluable insights and practical tips on hurricane preparedness, empowering listeners to safeguard their homes, families and communities.

In our insightful “Breach” segment, we unravel the pressing challenges surrounding password management. As technology continues to shape our lives, protecting our digital identities becomes paramount. We delve into the significance of strong passwords, password managers and the potential consequences of weak security practices.

Finally, in our thought-provoking “Thought of the Month” segment, we explore the profound impact of communication on trust. Effective communication lies at the heart of successful relationships, be it personal or professional. We delve into the intricacies of building trust through open, transparent dialogue and offer practical insights to help you enhance your communication skills and foster stronger connections.

Special Guest

Sherry Crush, Mobile County Emergency Management Agency

Season 4 | Episode 3

Resilience Unleashed: Conquering Adversity, Cyber Attacks, and the Power of Trust in Business

Join entrepreneur Phillip Long as he dives into the fascinating world of challenges and triumphs. In this engaging podcast, Phillip shares his personal journey of overcoming obstacles to become a thriving business owner. Whether you’re an established entrepreneur or an aspiring one, this episode is a must-listen! In a captivating segment, Phillip delves into the alarming cyber attack that rocked Cardiovascular Associates, providing an insightful breakdown of the massive breach and the consequential class action lawsuit. Additionally, he emphasizes the significance of building a network of trustworthy individuals who reciprocate respect, unveiling the power of positive relationships in the business realm. Tune in to gain valuable insights, discover effective strategies and be inspired by Phillip’s remarkable resilience and success. Don’t miss out on this enlightening episode that will empower and equip you on your own entrepreneurial journey!

Season 4 | Episode 2

How to Grow a Business Using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)

CEO Phillip Long welcomes Mitch Carlson to the show. Carlson, a U.S. Veteran and Chief Operations Officer at Business Information Solutions (BIS), discusses with Long how BIS had its most successful year yet as well as the major contributor to that success. They also go over the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) which is based off a book called “Traction” by Gino Wickman. If you’re looking to grow your business, you won’t want to miss this episode!

During his cyber attack segment, Long continues last month’s discussion about TikTok and their CEO discussing the company in front of congress. He also talks about the importance of “letting go of the vine” for your business to flourish.

Special Guest:
Mitch Carlson, U.S. Veteran & Chief Operations Officer at BIS

Season 4 | Episode 1

How High School and College Students Are Handling the Challenges of Business and Entrepreneurship

Local businessman Phillip Long interviews Brooke Long McClung, his daughter and manager of The Venue at Whiskey Ridge, on how she successfully navigated the challenges of high school and college before entering into entrepreneurship. McClung also goes over her experiences and what she did that sent her down the path to success. If you have a child in high school or college, then you’ll want to tune in!

For this month’s cyber-attack breakdown, Long talks about the data Tik Tok is collecting and why that matters. He also discusses the importance of your peer group and how taking counsel from the wrong people can hinder your potential.

Special Guest:
Brooke Long McClung, The Venue at Whiskey Ridge

Season 3 | Episode 10

It’s Not Too Late! How to Completely Switch Careers and Still Create a Successful Business

Fellow businessman Phillip Long interviews Kenny Robinson, former police officer and owner of Roof Savers, on how he successfully switched careers to develop a new business. Robinson also discusses challenges he faced starting his company from the ground up. If you’re looking to change careers, you’ll definitely want to tune in.

For this month’s cyber-attack breakdown, Long reviews cybersecurity in 2022 including trends and statistics. He also discusses the importance of setting a vision and how that vision ties into a more meaningful life.

Special Guest:
Kenny Robinson with Roof Savers

Season 3 | Episode 9

How to Build a Successful Business by Focusing on a Greater Purpose and Helping an Underserved Community

Entrepreneur Phillip Long chats with Tim Harry, CEO & Founder of Severance Security, on how he broke into the security and professional protection industry utilizing Military and Law Enforcement veterans. Harry goes on to reveal that his company’s mission of helping veterans has really propelled his business forward while still doing good in the community. If you’re looking to start a business or add more purpose to your current business, you’ll definitely want to
tune in.

For this month’s cyber attack breakdown, Long discusses something he’s never seen in his 21+ years in the tech world where 5 hospital workers were criminally charged for HIPAA violations. He also expands on the importance of always having a passion for something and what can happen if you aren’t focused on goals.

Special Guest:
Tim Harry, Severance Security

Season 3 | Episode 8

Mississippi-Based Non-Profit Talks About Helping People and Changing Lives Through Their Different Programs

Local entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Vanessa Gibson, Executive Director at Community Action of South Mississippi, on all the wonderful things her organization is doing to help the Mississippi Gulf Coast community. She also gives insight into being the director of a non-profit. If you’re looking to help the community or are running a not-for-profit operation, you’ll definitely want to tune in.

Mr. Long also preparedness through an incident response plan and how to put your business in a position to win against cyber criminals. Later on in the episode, he talks about action vs. procrastination as well as getting things done on a recent project that’s near and dear to his heart.

Special Guest:
Vanessa Gibson, Community Action of South Mississippi

Season 3 | Episode 7

Local Restaurant Owner & Entrepreneur Discusses the Steps He Took to Become Successful

Robertsdale-based business owner Phillip Long interviews William “Bill E” Stitt owner of Bill-E’s Restaurant and Bill-E’s Small Batch Bacon. He discusses the things he’s done to be a successful restaurant owner and entrepreneur. If you’re an aspiring or struggling restaurateur (or even entrepreneur), you definitely won’t want to miss out!

Long talks about cyber breaches and how to secure your network in a very effective way using multiple facets. Later on in the show, he discusses the importance of relationships, and more specifically, the ones that matter.

Special Guest:

William “Bill-E” Stitt

Season 3 | Episode 6

Baldwin County Realtor Shares Insights on the Possible Pullback in the Market

Phillip Long talks with local realtor Kristy Bushaw from ReMax Paradise. Bushaw shares her insights on the market and how to make money as well as her view on the possible pullback we’re experiencing in the market today. Tune in now for market information every business owner must know!

Long discusses the Apple breach that happened a couple of days ago and goes back to the September 2021 breach. He also talks about when to turn down an opportunity.

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Special Guest: Kristy Bushaw

Season 3 | Episode 5

Local Financial Advisor and Accountant Gives Businesses Insights into the Current Market

Phillip Long interviews Will Steih, a money manager and accountant from Gulf Coast Financial Advisors. Steih explains how he found his calling in the financial industry. Tune in now for financial information every business owner must know!

Long talks about the current workforce, education and the incredible amount of shortage in skilled trade.

Special Guest: Will Steih

Season 3 | Episode 4

The Evolution of a Business Owner and Finding Your Purpose for Success

Gulf Coast entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Dr. Sam Graber, a community creator and author who has her own podcast and blog. They discuss her evolution as a business owner and transition from retired chiropractor to collaborator. Dr. Graber discusses finding your purpose as a business owner and in your personal life. Tune in now for an educational episode for business owners!

Long continues to monitor the exploits of Lapsus$ and how these bad actors are stealing data from companies. Could yours be next? He also has new insight into goal setting. Could we be going about it the wrong way?

Special Guest: Dr. Sam Graber

Season 3 | Episode 3

How Psychological Issues from the Pandemic Are Affecting the Gulf Coast and Local Businesses

Local business owner Phillip Long talks with Hurley Counseling’s Executive Director Leigh Hurley about psychological issues stemming from the pandemic and how they’re affecting the business community. Hurley gives insight into resignation nation, the significant increase in marital conflict and the drastically higher rates of anxiety in kids and teenagers. Tune in now for an informative discussion on psychology!

Long provides information on the Microsoft attack from hacker group Lapsus$ and how it could impact you. He also dives deeper into one of Jordan Peterson’s rules for life “Stand Up Straight with Your Shoulders Back.”

Special Guest: Leigh Hurley, MA, LPC
Hurley Counseling, LLC

Season 3 | Episode 2

What Baldwin County Residents and Business Owners Must Know About Real Estate and Tax Saving Strategies

Baldwin County entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Jim Owen, business owner of Gulf Shores Title, about his 40+ years experience in the title industry. Jim share his wealth of knowledge as it relates to the title industry and real estate including tax saving strategies and his prediction for the future of the real estate market in Baldwin County. Tune in now if you’re interested in the future of Baldwin County real estate!

Long discusses business email compromise and the importance of email security. He also talks about testing your boundaries in your 20s.

Special Guest: Jim Owen, President at Gulf Shores Title

Season 3 | Episode 1

What Baldwin County Business Owners Can Expect to See in Foley’s Future

Gulf Coast business owner Phillip Long interviews newly appointed Executive Director of Public Safety for the City of Foley, David Wilson, on what the business owners of Baldwin County can expect to see in the future. Wilson highlights the benefits organizations have by setting up shop in Foley as well as how local law enforcement is helping to keep the city and surrounding areas safe. Tune in now if you’re interested in the future of your business community! Long explains the impact of the work-from-home policy on organizations. He also talks problem-solving and how you must change your mindset to truly solve the issue at hand.

Special Guest: David Wilson, Executive Director of Public Safety for the City of Foley

Season 2 | Episode 10

Expert Healthcare Strategist in Pensacola Teaches Businesses How to Build Custom Health Plans That Lower Costs and Increase Benefits

Local tycoon Phillip Long learns from Pensacola-based healthcare strategist, Mark Fox, on how to easily build custom health plans that benefit your employees. Fox shows organizations that they can lower costs while increasing benefits. Tune in now if you’re struggling with healthcare plans!

Long also warns about the LOCAL faxing scam that could end up with your money being sent to a hacker’s account. As the year comes to an end, Long talks resolutions and how to really meet those goals.

Special Guest: Mark Fox, CBG Health

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Licensed Professional Counselor with Over 20 Years Experience Helps Businesses Build Successful Teams with Strong Relationships – Season 2 | Episode 9

Baldwin County entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Karla Hardin, owner of Hardin Life Resources, on building successful teams. Hardin shows us how to boost productivity and satisfaction through personal self awareness using Enneagrams. Listen now to learn how your business can develop a cohesive team with strong relationships.

Long talks about Business Email Compromise (BEC) and how criminals are using our emails against us. For his thought of the month, he discusses the polarization we see in our country today and how to protect ourselves.

Special Guest: Karla S. Hardin, Hardin Life Resources Visit for more information.

President and Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce Discusses What the Organization Is Doing for the Community and How It Can Impact Your Business
Season 2 | Episode 8

Baldwin County business owner Phillip Long welcomes Casey Williams, President and Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce, on his show. Williams gives us a glimpse into her upbringing on the Eastern Shore as well as challenges she’s faced throughout her career. Listen now to learn what the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce is doing for the community and how it can impact your business!

Plus, Phillip discusses how a local cyber attack turned deadly. For Phillip’s thought of the month, he dives into the topic of pressure and how we respond to it.

Special Guest: Casey Williams, President and Executive Director of the Eastern Shore Chamber of Commerce

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Phillip Long Tells the Story of His Entrepreneurship Journey and Where the Future Will Take Him – Season 2 | Episode 7

Business owner Phillip Long has the tables turned on him. His marketing and technology consultant, Josh Brown, does a deep dive interview on the origins of Business Information Solutions (BIS) and what makes Phillip tick as well as where the future will take BIS and Cyber Fortress. Listen now for the full story on BIS and how Phillip has failed his way to success!

Plus, Phillip breaks down the T-Mobile breach digging into how it really happened and who did it. For Phillip’s thought of the month, he discusses courage from “Courage Is Calling” by Ryan Holiday including what it means to be courageous and how we lack that in our society today.

Special Guest: Joshua Brown, Business Information Solutions, Inc.

Mobile-Based CPA Talks Growing Up in a Family Business and How He Branched Out to Build His Own Legacy – Season 2 | Episode 6

Entrepreneur Phillip Long hosts Richard Lindsey from Lindsey and Waldo, LLC, a University of South Alabama marketing grad turned CPA. Lindsey discusses the trials and tribulations of growing up in a family business and why he made the switch to accounting. Both give insight into growing a stable business and leaving a legacy. Listen now for business advice on creating a strong and solid organization for years to come!

Plus, Phillip discusses the Colonial Pipeline hack but this time from the perspective of the people breached. He also explains the difference between a hard worker and someone who works hard.

Special Guest: Richard Lindsey, Lindsey and Waldo, LLC

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Former Member of a Military Special Operations Unit Gives Insight on Cyber Threats and How Business Owners Are Being Targeted – Season 2 | Episode 5

Host Phillip Long discusses cybersecurity with Rudy Messex, a fellow Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) from SonicWall who has Department of Defense (DoD) security clearance and was recruited to a Military Special Operations Unit. They go over ways business owners are being targeted in the Gulf Coast and what you can do to stop them. Listen now for cybersecurity best practices that could save your business!

Plus, Phillip talks about a solution to breaches, his newly launched managed cybersecurity firm Cyber Fortress. He also goes over how he manages his time using Stephen Covey’s four quadrants of time management

Special Guest: Rudy Messex, Security Solutions Consultant at SonicWall Inc.

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Leadership Advice from an Alabama Entrepreneur with Two Successful Businesses – Season 2 | Episode 4

Host Phillip Long exchanges leadership tips with Cord Sachs, President of FireSeeds and Wildsparq. As a business owner of two successful organizations, Sachs gives insight on his motivation to overcome challenges along with how he developed such a powerful platform for entrepreneurs. Listen now for advice on running a business!

Plus, Phillip digs into what went wrong with the Colonial Pipeline hack as well as the compound effect and how your business can prosper from it. 

Special Guest: Cord Sachs, President of FireSeeds and Wildsparq 

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How a Local Gulf Shores Business Owner Went From Teaching School to Running an Insurance Firm – Season 2 | Episode 3

Entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews local insurance owner, Reggie Pulliam, about running an insurance firm in Gulf Shores and how he went from teaching school to running his own company. Pulliam discusses his firm’s unique approach to business and how Hurricane Sally has impacted the industry. Listen now for advice on starting a business and finding the right career for you in life!

Plus, Phillip breaks down the recent oil pipeline hack as well as the threat pattern he’s seeing right now.

Guests: Jim St. Clair, Chief Trust Officer for the Lumedic Exchange

Local Business Owner & Podcast Celebrity Shares Unique Approach to Engaging New Clients – Season 2 | Episode 2

Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, interviews Jim St. Clair, Chief Trust Officer for Lumedic Exchange, the first internationally available patient-centric data exchange platform.  

They discuss how Lumedic’s cutting-edge technology is providing digital trust in the patient healthcare setting during the episode. Data protection is a priority as medical records go virtual, and Lumedic’s technology gives a new take on protecting personal identification. 

Guests: Jim St. Clair, Chief Trust Officer for the Lumedic Exchange

Local Business Owner & Podcast Celebrity Shares Unique Approach to Engaging New Clients – Season 2 | Episode 1

Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, interviews local business owner and podcast celebrity, Josh Null, from Fairhope, AL on his unique approach to generating new clients. 

Long also discusses the cybersecurity report from Crowdstrike and what it means for your organization.  He ends the podcast discussing peer groups and why it’s important business owners have moral support as well as access to expertise in their community. 

Guests: Josh Null, Owner of Gulf Coast Financial Advisors and Podcast Host of Every Dollar Counts 

How Building Your Personal Value Can Lead to Effective Leadership | Episode 10

In this month’s segment, entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Ikram Massabini, owner and CEO of MVP Network Consulting. They discuss where Massabini got his start in entrepreneurship, how his business has grown, the core values of his business, and the books that have inspired his success. They also express how doing the same thing expecting different results leads to a plateau and the 5 dysfunctions of a team.

Phillip also discusses the importance of effective modeling in the workplace, family, and relationships. He explains that business models do not reach their full potential when sticking to a single strategy without researching all other avenues they could take to generate results. He stresses the importance of reaching out to see how your peers are excelling. Apply what’s working for successful people. Don’t just stay stagnant. It is through our failures that we find our greatest successes.


Ikram Massabini, Owner and CEO of MVP Network Consulting

Threat Protection: What It Is, How It’s Evolving, And Why It Matters | Episode 9

In this month’s segment, entrepreneur Phillip Long discusses the everchanging threats in the cyberworld with Netsurion’s vice president of channel sales and alliances, Guy Cunningham. Cybersecurity threats are changing at a rapid pace. In fact, it’s estimated that 350,000 new pieces of Malware and unwanted applications are generated every day. Guy explains how Netsurion provides secure and agile networks principally focused on distributed enterprise customers (big companies with multiple smaller locations) and their managed threat protection platform, EventTracker, which is security based on the Predict, Prevent, Detect, and Respond Model.

Long also discusses the consequences of the absence of trust and the fear of conflict within teams, both in the corporate world and in everyday life. He explains the connection between building trust, allowing vulnerability, having courage, and engaging in healthy conflict in order to reach a common goal.


Guy Cunningham, Netsurion

How to Manage a Fast-Growing Business with Remote Employees | Episode 8

Gulf Coast native and entrepreneur, Phillip Long, explains how to manage a fast-growing business with Ryan Shirley, President and CEO of Vona Case Management. Shirley discusses how he expanded his company’s success in only 5 years, landing them on the Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Companies in America list. He also goes over the skills necessary to successfully run a business with employees that work remotely across the country.

Long also discusses how to protect yourself and your company from a data breach and how to handle reporting a cyber breach. Phillip speaks on how to take the challenges you face and use them to motivate and empower you.


Ryan Shirley, Vona Case Management

How to Help Your Local Community by Preparing Kids for Success | Episode 7

Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, interviews Mrs. Barbara Brown from Light of the City in Bay Minette, Alabama on how we can help our local community and some of the great things we can do to prepare kids for success.

Long also discusses the latest cyber threat called the Joker where it infects your phone from downloading apps. He’ll also cover how to determine if your phone has already been infected. He’ll end the podcast by defining what success looks like as well as understanding the challenge is going to be the way and how opportunities come from those obstacles.

How to Hire or Get Hired and Keep the Economy Going After the Pandemic with Expert Advice from the Alabama Career Center | Episode 6

Gulf Coast native and entrepreneur, Phillip Long, talks about how to keep the economy going by hiring or getting hired with local experts Hank Lahti and Kristi Mitchell from the Alabama Career Center. Lahti and Mitchell discuss how to write a good resume, rock an interview and find current job openings. If you’re looking to hire or get hired, this is the segment for you! Long also discusses how to protect yourself from cyberattacks on remote desktop protocol applications as well as interviews a very special caller, his daughter Brooke, on how she’s strategically building out her career.


Kristi Mitchell and Hank Lahti, Alabama Career Center Brooke Long, Troy University

Building Better Relationships with Your Staff for Business Success | Episode 5

Business owner, Phillip Long, interviews two local female entrepreneurs, Karla Hardin and Pamela Denham, on utilizing employee emotional intelligence for business success. Both Hardin and Denham give expert input on behavior skillsets and how the Enneagram can assist in creating a better relationship with your staff.

He also gives his expert advice on working from home securely and vulnerabilities with Zoom as well as his thoughts on the current COVID 19 pandemic and how BIS is prevailing through the crisis.


Karla Hardin, Hardin Life Resources Group Pamela Denham, Pamela Denham Associates

Leadership Tips from a Marine Corps Veteran and Former Stock Car Racing Pro | Episode 4

Entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Marine Corps veteran and former stock car racing pro, Rickey Stokes, about his failures and successes in leadership throughout his career. Stokes gives insight into providing top-notch service in the service industry. Are you struggling with customer service and leadership? Listen now for advice on concurring leadership issues and providing the best service to your clients!

Plus, Phillip discusses the ransomware trend and the current threat landscape. Later on, he talks about changing your perception on challenges and seeing opportunities come from them.

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The Challenges of Growing a Successful Non-Profit | Episode 3

Entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews local philanthropist, Deann Servos, about the challenges of growing a successful non-profit on the Gulf Coast and how Prodisee Pantry is making a difference in the community today. Have you gone through similar struggles with your organization? Listen now for advice that could help you overcome some of the obstacles you presently face.

Plus, Phillip discusses the recent cyber attack that hit (and impacted) the City of Pensacola. He also talks about setting up proper processes and the importance of team input – something he’s learned from trial and error as a business owner.

Withstanding a Cyber Attack | Episode 2

In this month’s episode, entrepreneur Phillip Long sits down with his business partner, Kevin Welch, to discuss data breaches and how small businesses CAN survive once they’ve been attacked. Throughout the interview, these two experts break down their process for combatting data breaches into 3-parts: prepare, prevent and prevail. Are you prepared for a cyber attack? Would your business be able to endure the aftermath?

Plus, Phillip goes even more in-depth on the Equifax data breach he discussed last month as the significance of the incident continues to grow. He also talks about the importance of having a mantra to focus on each year, such as his theme from 2019, “Delegate, Elevate and Automate”.

Mitigating Risks in Business | Episode 1

In this month’s segment, business entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Jonathan Krasner from Breach Secure Now!, an end-user education firm. These two cybersecurity gurus discuss mitigating risks within an ever-evolving threat landscape and the implications of data breaches on the individual. Is your personal information being targeted right now by hackers? What should you do to put a stop to it?

Plus, Phillip breaks down the Equifax data breach and its lingering effects seven months later. He also talks about sending kids to college ready to tackle the obstacles heading their way and how he personally dropped off his daughter at university only two short months ago.

Phillip Long Tells the Story of His Entrepreneurship Journey and Where the Future Will Take Him