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Success Failed with Phillip Long

Building a business aint’ easy! The last Thursday of the month, join Phillip Long, a 20+ year entrepreneur and the Gulf Coast’s favorite security expert, as he interviews guests on must-know tips for executives and founders going through the trials and tribulations of growing a business. This show will provide you with a wealth of knowledge to help you succeed in building a business that thrives whether you’re an established company or are starting from the ground up.

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Mitigating Risks In Business | Episode 1.

In this month's segment, business entrepreneur Phillip Long interviews Jonathan Krasner from Breach Secure Now!, an end-user education firm. These two cybersecurity gurus discuss mitigating risks within an ever-evolving threat landscape and the implications of data breaches on the individual. Is your personal information being targeted right now by hackers? What should you do to put a stop to it?

Plus, Phillip breaks down the Equifax data breach and its lingering effects seven months later. He also talks about sending kids to college ready to tackle the obstacles heading their way and how he personally dropped off his daughter at university only two short months ago.