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Robertsdale Eye Care

“I Appreciate That When We Call, Someone Is Easily Available And Comes And Takes Care Of Our Problem Almost Immediately!”

Dr. Ashley Ott
Robertsdale Eye Care

"IT was a big source of frustration for the previous location I worked, and so far that has not been the case. I am so thankful because I am NOT tech-savvy...and I appreciate that when we call, someone is easily available and comes and takes care of our problem almost immediately.”

Fabre Engineering & Surveying

"When I Call or Email BIS, I Know That It's Going to Be Handled"

A headshot of Frank Fabre from Fabre Engineering & Surveying, BIS Proactive Partner of the MonthA headshot of Debra Channell from Fabre Engineering & Surveying, BIS Proactive Partner of the Month

Frank Fabre & Debra Channell
Fabre Engineering & Surveying

“IT is critical to our company. The business we’re in, engineering and surveying, we really live and die by IT, our network and the internet. So, we got to have the right people supporting us. We’re very pleased with our relationship with BIS. They’ve done a great job for us. When we have an issue, we call you guys and you respond right away and that’s whether we’re working a problem here in the office or in the houses where we remote in using your system. You guys really respond great.” – Franke Fabre

“BIS has relieved all the stress. We were using someone local and we went from one to another. It just wasn’t working and you have to have somebody dependable. Your business and your employees depend on it because we got to get the work out. When I call or email BIS, I know that it’s going to be handled. We don’t have to worry about the security. We know our files are secured. If something happens, which let’s face it it does, y’all are johnny-on-the-spot. Y’all take care of us and we know our files are okay.” – Deborah Channel

Saunders Yachtworks

"The Biggest Result We've Gotten From You Guys In The Early Going Is Responsiveness"

A headshot of John Fitzgerald from Saunders Yachtworks, BIS Proactive Partner of the Month

John Fitzgerald
Saunders Yachtworks

“So, we have in the past had to rely upon one person and their development and understanding of the IT field all the challenges and the different advantages of using equipment or updated software. And, it’s asking a lot of an individual whereas your company [BIS] studies that all the time and it’s kind of pushing ideas to us and bringing opportunities to us because of that. So having a company that prides itself on updating customers like ourselves with newer equipment, newer software, newer ways to manage the data, that’s been very helpful. So, the biggest result we’ve gotten from you guys in the early going is responsiveness. You know we have been able to, as we come up with issues, get your guys out here quickly and get things turned around from a negative situation to a position situation.”

Thomas Roofing

"I Know That If Something Happens We Have A Backup And BIS Has Put In All Of These Systems That Really Help Us"

“Your services have morphed over the years and given us more and more support. I think the biggest thing over the last several years has been the ability for me not to have to get involved in day-to-day IT things. My staff knows to call your people. They can handle the situation and I never get involved. When we worry about a storm coming in or a cyber-attack, I know that if something happens we have a backup and BIS has put in all of these systems that really help us to know if something happens we can get right back up and running with almost all of our data. We’re not down long and we’re good to go.” - Derek Thomas, Thomas Roofing

Jackson County Civic Action Committee

"We Had Some Security Issues We Were Concerned About"

"We were having computer issues and problems. Our in-house staff was not addressing our needs. We had some security issues we were concerned about. So, through another partnership with Mississippi Power, their IT person helped us go out for bids and helped us choose BIS. And probably a lot of what we can attribute to our successful partnership with you is because of our IT administrator, Hope. She keeps on top of everything and she has a really good working relationship with the staff at BIS." - Diann Payne, Jackson County Civic Action Committee, a BIS Managed IT Support Client

VONA Case Management, Inc.

"It Always Means a Lot to Me to Work Local if We Can"

"It always means a lot to me to work local if we can. I came across BIS through Google search actually and interviewed Phillip, one of the owners. We met, talked and discussed everything. We really hit it off and started building the partnership from there. Our people are located all across the country and they work from home. This is our home office [Daphne], but to be able to have access to people that can help us when issues arise and also when we equip a new hire, we’re able to get a computer, get a fax machine, whatever we need. BIS really helps us expedite that process." - Ryan Shirley, a BIS Managed IT Support Client

Orion Engineers & Constructors

"It’s a Partnership That Works for Both of Us"

A headshot of Bryan Lopez, a BIS managed IT support client

Bryan Lopez
Orion Engineers & Constructors

“In many cases with the monitoring, y’all are aware of issues before I’m aware. So, y’all let me know and y’all usually have techs on it. So of course, I sleep better at night knowing that. Our downtime is very minimal and being about 120 employees, I can’t even do the math as far as the amount of money that’s saved just not having long downtime. A lot of that we credit to the proactive nature of BIS. It’s a partnership that works with both of us. There’s just not enough hours in a day, so it’s nice to offload some of the deeper IT issues. I’ve never had any problems as far as quick turnaround and IT problems. Usually, within the hour, I get help pretty quick. So, I’ve been really happy with the relationship.”

Brown Financial Advisory

"I Wanted to Partner With Someone That I Felt Like Had the Resources to Really Protect Our Clients"

"I studied computer science while I was in college. So, I have a pretty good understanding of what happens in the Internet and the dark web and how at-risk our clients could be without the adequate protections. So, I wanted to partner with someone that I felt like had the resources to really protect our clients and protect us from the potential for breach. I really appreciate BIS and the resources that they provide us. It provides me a ton of peace of mind and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you guys." - Scott McLeod

Carson & Co.

"I Am Stress-Free With Our Technology."

"My employees know when they hit the door that everything is going to be working for them. With y’alls monitoring, I know before I leave the house if something’s down. I know how to reroute people if that happens. So, it has really helped how we do our business. I am very stress-free with our technology. That’s something I’ve turned over to BIS and it’s something I don’t have to worry about." - Carmen Rockstall, a BIS managed IT support client

Auto Craft Collision Center

"We’ve Saved 40-50 Hours Per Month On Inside Labor!"

"BIS is only a phone call away and a true blessing. It’s freed up my time so I can focus on my business. Not to mention, we’ve saved 40-50 hours per month on inside labor since we no longer have to figure out the problem and learn how to fix it. Financial monthly output and soft costs like downtime have decreased thanks to BIS. When you’ve found the right IT company, it just works. Now, we can focus on repairing vehicles instead of our computer system." - Chad Chupek, Owner, a BIS Managed IT Support Client

A headshot of Paige Walsh, a BIS managed IT services client

Paige Walsh
Director of Admissions at Bayshore Christian Academy

Bayshore Christian Academy

"Since Going with Business Information Solutions, We’ve Had No Crashes!"

"It’s true, you get what you pay for. We used another company before we contracted with Business Information Solutions and we were NOT treated with any sense of urgency nor did the company bother to get to know us. With BIS, we know they actually appreciate our business. I don’t know where we would be if Business Information Solutions was not monitoring our system or us. Since going with them, we’ve had NO CRASHES."

A headshot of Valerie Shantazio, a BIS managed IT support client

Valerie Shantazio
Operations Director at Distinguished Young Women,
a BIS Managed IT Support Client

Distinguished Young Women

"We No Longer Have to Worry About Being ‘Down’ for Hours!"

“Before Business Information Solutions, our server was being managed by two different individuals at a much cheaper rate. We thought our information was being backed up on a daily basis and it actually was not. When our server crashed, we lost years of documents. We spent many man-hours recreating documents and researching information that had previously been readily available. To us, this was more expensive than overall billing for the service Business Information Solutions provides. With the IT services that Business Information Solutions provides, we no longer have to worry about being ‘down’ for hours or days with issues. Calls and work orders are responded to very quickly and efficiently.”

A headshot of Greg Welch, a BIS client

Greg Welch
Co-owner at Ashland General Agency

Ashland General Agency

"By Allowing Me to Focus on Running My Company, Business Information Solutions Has Actually Made Our Company More Profitable!"

Business Information Solutions Helps Busy Co-Owner of Established Insurance Broker Company Focus on Bringing in More Revenue

As owners of Ashland General Agency, a multiline commercial insurance agency, Rick Welch and Greg Welch don’t have time to mess with their computer system. For Greg and Rick, they are more of an asset to their company when they have time to focus on managing their business, bringing in more clients and increasing revenue. When they spend their valuable time working with their company’s technology, Ashland General Agency loses money.

Before partnering with Business Information Solutions, Greg was managing his own IT infrastructure all the while maintaining his duties as a co-owner. For Greg, the time he spent monitoring his own system took away time where he could have been focusing on his business.

Sister Company Opens the Door

Before Ashland General Agency began working with Business Information Solutions, they partnered with BIS Office Systems, one of two sister companies to Business Information Solutions. BIS Office Systems provided them with a strategic and successful print management solution. After working with BIS Office Systems, Greg decided to hire Business Information Solutions to monitor Ashland General Agency’s entire computer network as well as replace their old server and phone systems. “It’s so much easier to have all of our business needs taken care of by one group,” says Greg. “We no longer have to decide who we need to call for our printer and network. We can call one company and get everything we need.”

Sister Company Opens the Door

Since going with Business Information Solutions for managed IT support, things have been running more smoothly for Ashland General Agency. Greg now has time to focus on his clients, increase revenue and inevitably grow his company. “Business Information Solutions has saved me both time and money. By managing my network, it frees me up to work on my business which allows me to be more profitable in the long run” states Greg. “Because of the great quality service BIS Office Systems and Business Information Solutions provide Ashland General Agency, I would and have recommended both companies to my colleagues.” As for Rick Welch, Greg’s father and partner, Business Information Solutions may not have freed up his time, but he certainly benefits from having the network and phone system in place and working properly.

A headshot of Jason Gebhart, a BIS IT support client

Jason Gebhart
Accountant at Regal Brown,
a BIS Managed IT Support Client

Regal Brown

"Cheaper Is Not Always Better! In Most Cases, It’s Actually Worse!"

“Cheaper is not always better! In most cases, it’s actually worse! You can go use another IT company and probably pay less an hour for tech support, but you won’t get the support in as timely a manner as you do with Business Information Solutions. And, you won’t get 24 hour monitoring. With 24 monitoring, you get a heads up on potential problems and it allows you to correct the problems before your system goes down. With the 24 hour sentinel monitoring, I can sit back and wait on Business Information Solutions to tell me if something needs to be upgraded or if a backup fails. I’m no longer constantly checking for errors and problems on our network and servers. Instead, it frees up my time to spend doing what I need to do in my day to day business activities!”

Robertsdale Dental Office

"With The New Replacements, Prompt Service and Extraordinary Care BIS Has Given Us, We’re Able To Focus More On Our Patients And Less On Computer Problems!"

Robertsdale Dental Office Sees Decrease in Downtime and Computer Errors Thanks to Business Information Solutions

Dr. Jason Northcutt, owner of Robertsdale Dental Care, wears many hats at his practice. Not only is he one of the dentists, but he has also taken on the role of office manager. With all of those responsibilities, the last thing he wants to deal with is computer or network problems. “When I have a patient in the chair and I need to look at his or her x-ray, I don’t have time for the computer to act up” said Dr. Northcutt. “I need to be able to access that x-ray immediately.”

Robertsdale Dental Care has been a long-time, managed IT support client of BIS. Around 10 years ago, Dr. Northcutt’s practice went digital and he knew it was time to hire an IT company that could manage and protect Robertsdale Dental Care’s ever-expanding database of clients as well as their network and computers.

Business Information Solutions recently partnered with Robertsdale Dental Care to upgrade some of their older machines to meet HIPAA requirements. Just by streamlining his network and replacing workstations, Dr. Northcutt has seen a decrease in downtime and computer errors thanks to BIS.

“With the new replacements, prompt service and extraordinary care BIS has given us,” stated Dr. Northcutt “We’re able to focus more on our patients and less on computer problems.” Not only has BIS helped Dr. Northcutt’s practice, but they have also helped him personally. He no longer has to worry about his data, network or computers. “BIS has made it where I’m not the one having to go around checking each machine to make sure it meets HIPAA laws,” said Dr. Northcutt. “That’s what I have BIS for!”

Frank Leon, P.C.

"From My Standpoint As A Small Business Man,
Every Minute Counts And I’m Not Losing Any Minutes With BIS!"

BIS Delivers Professional And Prompt Service To A Small Attorney’s
Office Whose Network Now Works Flawlessly And Never Has Downtime

When dealing with larger service providers, Mr. Frank Leon, owner and attorney at Frank Leon, P.C., was usually at the bottom of the totem pole. His frustrations only grew with the unbelievably slow response times he received from larger providers.

After meeting with Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, he knew it was time to partner with BIS, a company that could manage both small and large businesses while still delivering quick response times. “There’s no delay in response,” said Frank. “If we have a problem, I have someone on the phone who has a solution.”

Frank appreciated the fast response time, but it was also Phillip’s business philosophy that convinced him to partner with BIS. As a business owner himself, Frank appreciates how Phillip expands his growth to meet customer needs. “He, unlike the other companies, grows his staff as his company grows instead of trying to bring in more profit at the expense of the customer.”

Since partnering with BIS for managed IT support, Frank is no longer frustrated by waiting for an engineer to show up or trying to get support over the phone. “The immediacy and response time is extraordinary, stated Frank. “I can’t imagine ever having dealt with any other vendor that has handled things so professionally and promptly.” Not only has the decreased downtime improved employee productivity, but it has saved Frank Leon, P.C. money. “From my standpoint as a small business man, every minute counts and I’m not losing any minutes with BIS!” exclaimed Frank. As an attorney, much of his day is spent out of the office. BIS has been able to set up an “office without walls” for Frank which has allowed him to increase his own productivity. So whether Frank is in the office or on the road, BIS is always by his side.

Disclaimer: “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”

Gulf Shores Title Co., Inc.

“Less Downtime Allows Us To Be More Productive!”

Successful Title Company Saves Money With BIS Monitoring Their Network

Jim Owen, owner of Gulf Shores Title Co., Inc., has been a longtime managed IT support client of Business Information Solutions. Before BIS took over managing his network, Jim was constantly having issues with his technology. There would be long periods of downtime that affected his employees’ productivity.

Since Business Information Solutions has stepped in, all the headaches he’s had in the past are no longer there. “BIS takes care of the problem before it ever arises,” he said. Since there’s no more problems, there’s no more downtime. “Less downtime allows us to be more productive,” stated the busy business owner.

Along with helping the business, Business Information Solutions has also taken a load off of him. As the owner of a successful company, he just doesn’t have the time to worry about his technology working. “All the stress of having to deal with the network and IT issues is off of me because I have full confidence in BIS,” said Jim.

A headshot of Jacob Gilmore, a BIS client

Jacob Gilmore
VP of Purchasing and Finance at Gilmore Services

Gilmore Services

“Staff Morale Has Gone Up Because I Receive Less Complaints About Our Network”

“Over three years ago, I sent out an RFP for an IT partner. While BIS made it into the top two, I ended up choosing another company. However, I grew unhappy with my choice because the IT company didn’t have the depth of technicians that my company needed nor could it meet an acceptable turnaround time when fixing both simple and complex network issues. After attending one of BIS’ luncheons on backup and disaster recovery, I decided to meet with Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions. I toured the facility, met the technicians and called on references. Every reference had a raving review. So, I felt comfortable choosing BIS. Today, I can sleep better at night knowing we have a good anti-virus, a great backup and our network is secure.”

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