User training

for security best practices

Document review

for policy management

Correct Device Set-Up

to enhance protection

Strategic alignment

of operational & security goals

Adequately Identify and deal with potential risks

Is your current IT Team protecting your business? Are you getting a big enough bang for your buck with your current IT support? Would you really know. BIS delivers technology consulting so you can get the most out of your technology investment while receiving suitable strategies for your business.
Our expert IT consultants take your unique business into account, so you never feel like your technology is “one size fits all.” Rampart Risk Management can show you how to leverage your technology investment with a solution that’s designed specifically for you. We will schedule Tecnical Business Reviews (TBRs) to ensure that your are able to make informed decisions in risk management. Our advice will bolster your business and put you in a position to prosper, all while keeping you safe. 

User Training

Document Review/Consulting

Device Baseline/Configuration

Security Awareness Training: Strengthen the Human Firewall

With the threat of a cyber attack literally just a click away, providing quality, comprehensive security awareness training to your employees is more important than ever. Your employees are your first line of defense to your network, and they can easily be your strongest asset to identifying threats or your weakest link.

Just one click from a scam email by an uninformed employee could be enough to let attackers in and bring down your system.

These days, small businesses are just as vulnerable as large companies.

Now is the time to strengthen your human firewall with security awareness training to ensure your employees are well-prepared to ward off security threats.

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