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An equipped IT company, like Business Information Solutions, can aid enterprises in SOX compliance by taking the pain out of the process and shore up your financial reports against 404 audits. We provide enterprise IT solutions to help take the burden of of you.

How can we help? We have the resources to collect, retain and review terabytes of trail log data, which form the basis of your Internal Controls Report. By monitoring and collecting all activity trails to your sensitive business information, we can offer reporting assistance and peace of mind. As a result, your company’s financial data is accurate, factually reported and safeguarded by adequate controls.

62% of Data Breaches Happen Due to Compromised Passwords

2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

Our Proactive IT Support for Enterprise Organizations

Your organization streamlines business processes for optimal efficiency. Why? To minimize loss, maximize output and increase profitability. Streamlining your information technology yields the same kind of results. Commanding a highly efficient IT infrastructure and team of capable technicians will make your operation leaner, faster and more agile.

Our best in class engineers will partner with your existing technology staff to provide seasoned expertise, around the clock system monitoring, custom solutions and, best of all, an extra set of hands. We exist to support your efforts. Whether it’s assisting with a big project roll out, managing viruses or offloading your help desk to keep you free – we’ve got your back. As a single-source technology provider, we offer a comprehensive range of services and specializations.

In July 2002, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act rolled out and significantly affected corporate governance and financial reporting. Categorized into 11 titles, the security laws were devised “to protect investors by improving the accuracy and reliability of corporate disclosures made pursuant to the securities laws, and for other purposes”.*

Sections 302, 404 and 409 require the following to be monitored, logged and audited:

SOX Compliance for Enterprise Organizations


Yes, we have a large team of local Help Desk Engineers that can take day-to-day operations off your plate freeing you to be more strategic with your time.

Yes, BIS has you covered. We provide consulting services as well as Senior Level IT Engineers to make your big deployments run smoothly.

Absolutely. BIS manages all of your technology assets and establishes a schedule for replacement. For best effectiveness, we spread upgrades out over time rather than having to do a full network upgrade all at once when – suddenly – your software won’t run on outdated computers.

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Jackson County Civic Action Committee

“We were having computer issues and problems. Our in-house staff was not addressing our needs. We had some security issues we were concerned about. So, through another partnership with Mississippi Power, their IT person helped us go out for bids and helped us choose BIS. And probably a lot of what we can attribute to our successful partnership with you is because of our IT administrator, Hope. She keeps on top of everything and she has a really good working relationship with the staff at BIS.” – Diann Payne, Jackson County Civic Action Committee, a BIS Managed IT Support Client

We Had Some Security Issues We Were Concerned About”