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Unfortunately, cybercrime is profitable. While not every small business gets hacked, a staggering one out of five do. Of those who do fall victim to cybercrime, 60% go out of business within six months after an attack.*

What do hackers universally seek out when selecting a mark? Vulnerability.

Often times, small businesses look like ‘easier pickings’ to hackers than their big business counterparts. But security-focused IT companies, like Business Information Solutions, serve to protect small businesses.  We proactively set up safeguards that defend your small business and your customer’s sensitive information.

With our network security solution plan, you get:

  • Regular Reports - monitor Internet usage and track websites
  • Perimeter Security - keep viruses and intruders out of your business
  • Content Filtering - block harmful or unsafe sites to increase productivity
  • Wi-Fi & 3G Services - safely use mobile devices throughout your office
  • Predictability - flat monthly fees include preventative maintenance, patching & updating, virus & spyware updates, and unlimited Help Desk Calls for Internet firewall problems.

How strongly defended is your sensitive information? Find out by signing up for our Free Network Security Audit.

* National Cyber Security Alliance

IT Services that Get Small Business

Business Information Solutions is highly attuned to the needs of Small to Mid Sized business owners. We have been the trusted technology partner and advisor to hundreds of small business operations.

We offer proactive IT support that you can trust and understand. Our fully staffed team of first-rate engineers are there for you around the clock. Not only will we resolve your IT glitches quickly, we will also execute aggressive preventative measures to curtail issues in the first place. This means less downtime, less frustration and more productivity. Feel free to fully focus on running your business, we’ll look after your technology.

As your single source technology provider, we offer a comprehensive range of services. This conveniently delivers all the tech help you need from one trusted partner. Plus, with our 24/7 help desk and team of onsite support engineers, we can give you quick support and handle multiple issues at once.

To further meet your needs, we offer a range of Sentinel Management Plans. A variety of price levels and customization options allow you to choose a plan that makes sense for your business. Pay for what you need and enjoy the budgeting predictability of a flat rate. No surprises.

Whether you’re currently trying to manage IT on your own or trying to manage an IT company that’s slow and/or unresponsive, make the change. Get real help. Experience the difference.

To get started or to simply learn more about your network’s current condition, sign up for our Free Network Security Audit.


Q: Will I have to contact Tech Support personally or can my staff submit issues?

A: Our customizable Sentinel Management Plans are designed to make your life easier. Your staff is welcome to contact Tech Support for quick, responsive help without interrupting your busy schedule.

Q: Do you have someone to manage all of my vendors? Copiers, telephones, data, etc?

A: Yes! With our Sentinel Management Plans, we vet vendors and ensure they perform efficiently with the whole network. This means, no more finger pointing between vendors. If there is a problem, it is a BIS problem and we resolve it.

Q: Will you help me with creating budgets and knowing when to replace hardware?

A: Absolutely. BIS manages all of your technology assets and establishes a schedule for replacement. For best effectiveness, we spread upgrades out over time rather than having to do a full network upgrade all at once when – suddenly - your software won’t run on outdated computers.

Q: How quickly can you resolve my issues?

A: BIS has the area’s largest fully staffed local help desk and onsite support engineers that are available 24/7 to resolve issues. We monitor your systems around the clock. In many cases, we resolve issues before you even know there is an issue.

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