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Data loss can happen to any organization at any time. Whether it’s a cyber attack or employee error, the loss of critical files can be costly. Since the financial sector is the second most targeted industry after healthcare, they must have a data loss prevention strategy in place. A simple backup won’t do as 23% of people can’t recover data even with a solution in place.

62% of Data Breaches Happen Due to Compromised Passwords

2016 Verizon Data Breach Investigation Report

Our Proactive IT Support for Financial Firms

Since the threat landscape is growing more complex, it leaves firms vulnerable to data loss in more than one way. While you still must be concerned about rogue employees and natural disasters, firms are now being targeted more and more through ransomware, viruses and other cyber attacks that all leads to data loss. Not to mention, the growing number of lost or stolen mobile devices with easily accessible company information. BIS has a solution stack that will protect your accounting firm from hackers and unplanned downtime.

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Find Out How to Protect Your Clients’ Confidential Data from Hackers

It’s the first of April and all of your files get encrypted because an employee clicked on a suspicious link in an email. The tax deadline is approaching fast and now can’t access any of your clients’ data. Would your business reputation survive this damaging blow? Read our guide to find out how to protect your firm.

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“I studied computer science while I was in college. So, I have a pretty good understanding of what happens in the Internet and the dark web and how at-risk our clients could be without the adequate protections. So, I wanted to partner with someone that I felt like had the resources to really protect our clients and protect us from the potential for breach. I really appreciate BIS and the resources that they provide us. It provides me a ton of peace of mind and I appreciate the opportunity to work with you guys.” – Scott McLeod

“I Wanted to Partner With Someone That I Felt Like Had the Resources to Really Protect Our Clients”