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Downtime is more than an inconvenience. It has potential for widespread impact on revenue, employee productivity, contract compliance, remedial action, reputation and more. Of the various business sectors, manufacturing is at the highest risk for downtime. Almost every factory loses at least 5% of its productive capacity from the issue, and many lose up to 20%. Downtime consultants estimate that 80% of industrial facilities are actually underestimating their Total Downtime Costs by 200-300%.
What are the costs for your operation? And can they be mitigated? Our answer is yes. A well-managed IT infrastructure delivers reliability, security and efficiency. It also minimizes losses due to incapacity. As a result, you get a more resilient operation and increased profitability.

Almost Every Factory Loses at Least 5% of Its Productive Capacity from Downtime, and Many Lose Up to 20%

Our Proactive IT Support Solutions for Manufacturing Organizations

The BIS approach to network management is proactive and preventative. Our team of engineers are available around the clock and we monitor your systems 24/7 to reduce downtime and data breaches before they occur. We understand that you’re trying to manage costs while meeting high volume output and distribution goals. Our role is to be your trusted advisor, keeping your losses and outages at a minimum. So that you can stay productive and profitable.

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Find Out How to Raise Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) by Maximizing Your Technology

Understanding the cost of downtime to your organization is a critical exercise in order to determine what kind of investment makes sense in preventing it. Use our PROACTIVE method to maximize your technology and ultimately increase efficiency, prevent downtime and eliminate bottlenecks.

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Jason Gebhart
Accountant at Regal Brown, a BIS Managed IT Support Client

Regal Brown

“Cheaper Is Not Always Better! In Most Cases, It’s Actually Worse!”

“Cheaper is not always better! In most cases, it’s actually worse! You can go use another IT company and probably pay less an hour for tech support, but you won’t get the support in as timely a manner as you do with Business Information Solutions. And, you won’t get 24 hour monitoring. With 24 monitoring, you get a heads up on potential problems and it allows you to correct the problems before your system goes down. With the 24 hour sentinel monitoring, I can sit back and wait on Business Information Solutions to tell me if something needs to be upgraded or if a backup fails. I’m no longer constantly checking for errors and problems on our network and servers. Instead, it frees up my time to spend doing what I need to do in my day to day business activities!”