“I am a CEO of BIS, Cyber Fortress & Veritas Consulting who specializes in enabling businesses to fulfill their mission by using technology solutions and security consulting to fuel their passions and protect their assets.”

Technologist, entrepreneur and CISSP who specializes in providing technology solutions and security consulting to businesses along the Gulf Coast.

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Phillip Long is a technology guru, entrepreneur and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) who specializes in providing technology solutions and security consulting to businesses along the Gulf Coast. Phillip has more than 20+ years of experience in the technology field. After forming Business Information Solutions in 2001, the company has grown immensely under his guidance. Now consisting of three divisions, as well as the Veritas consulting firm.

As a CEO and entrepreneur, Phillip has expanded his drive for knowledge and growth into a desire to share his experience and passion with others in the business world. This has led him to participate in multiple peer groups with numerous industry leaders in order to learn from their success and the challenges they have overcome.

“I am constantly expanding my knowledge in business and technology. Whether it’s through reading books authored by industry leaders, participating in peer groups or attending conferences around the country. I’m never satisfied with what I know, because I always want to know and understand more. And I want to, in turn, share my knowledge, experience and understanding with others,” Long said.

Long has a firm belief that as a leader, your success isn’t measured just by what you achieve, but by what those around you achieve. And thus, he finds his motivation in seeing those around him learn, grow and reach their maximum potential. He also values the knowledge he gains from individuals, businesses and clients as they overcome their own challenges.

“At the end of the day, we’re not just in the business of digital marketing and IT support, we’re in the business of success. My focus has always been and will always be to help clients achieve success in any way and every way possible.”