Weekly Tech Tip Videos

IT Support and Cybersecurity Tech Tips

Want to know the lastest cybersecurity best practices? Or what about productivity or business advice to help boost your company’s overall efficiency? Watch our weekly videos for IT support and cybersecurity tech tips. Tune in now!

3 Benefits of Private Browsing

Do you have private browsing enabled? There are some benefits to using it. Watch our video to learn 3 benefits of using private browsing.

Improve Processes with SharePoint

Do you know the best way to improve your business processes? Phillip Long, CEO of BIS, discusses SharePoint and how you can use it to enhance processes. For more information on Microsoft 365, visit https://www.askbis.com/microsoft-365.

Stay Organized & Efficient with OneNote

Are you using Microsoft OneNote? Phillip discusses how to stay organized and efficient using OneNote. For more information on Microsoft 365, schedule a demo here: www.askbis.com/microsoft-365/

Business Email Compromise (BEC)

In this video, Phillip Long discusses business email compromise (BEC) and how hackers are gaining access to your email without you knowing. Learn how to keep your email secure!

Phishing Facts

Do you know your phishing facts? Watch our short video to learn more about phishing attacks.

5 Tips for Working Remotely

Are you working from home? Watch our tech tip video to gain tips on how to successfully work remotely and stay productive.

Keep Your Mobile Devices Secure

Worried about your mobile devices and how secure they are? Our technology consultant Josh Brown takes you through tips on how to protect your devices.

Password Best Practices

Are you following these password best practices recommended by our help desk engineer Michael? Watch this week’s video and make sure you’re being safe with your credentials.

What’s Slowing Down Your Network?

Our chief revenue officer, Christi Thompson, tells you what might be causing your network slowness.

Is Employee Monitoring Right for Your Business?

Jamie Moyer-Stephenson, our director of client services and purchasing, talks about the pros and cons in this week’s tech tip.

Got Malware?

Think you have malware on your computer? Watch this quick tech tip video from our IT engineer Joel where he tells you signs of malware.

Beware of Malicious Links Lurking in Emails

Watch this week’s tech tip video to learn more about email security and what you should do if you receive a phishing email.

Microsoft Office Training

Do you need training for your staff on the Microsoft Office suite? Watch this quick video where Phillip discusses this and the resources he has to help your team.

Take Your Business to the Cloud So You Can Safely Work from Home

Phillip talks about taking a deeper look at moving your business to the cloud for the next time you’re unable to go into the office.

HIPAA New Guidelines

Do you know about the HIPAA new guidelines? Phillip discusses these new guidelines, including MACRA, MIPS and a security risk assessment, to keep you HIPAA compliant.

Don't Unknowingly Give Out Your Passwords on Facebook

Do you need training for your staff on the Microsoft Office suite? Watch this quick video where Phillip discusses this and the resources he has to help your team.

Compromised Business Emails Cost Americans $29 Billion

Watch this weekly tech tip video where Phillip discusses email security and how much it costs on average when an email has been compromised.

Windows 7 Machines Are a Risk to Your Business

In this video, Phillip warns about the dangers of running Windows 7 machines as it could open cause a cyber attack.

How Technology Can Help Us Through a Pandemic

Watch this interview with Josh Brown and Phillip Long where they discuss using technology through a pandemic or other crisis.

Ransomware Attacks Are Up!

Watch this tech tip video about ransomware and some very troubling statistics.