Microsoft 365 and Working on The Go

With an incredible 42 percent of the U.S. workforce working from home thanks to Covid-19, the need for digital solutions to boost productivity while out of the office is on the rise. Always an industry leader in its field, Microsoft has risen to the challenge with a lineup of great productivity tools in Microsoft 365 […]

How To Prevent Data Loss In Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is known for its ease of use, seamless integration, and top-notch security. Because it’s used by millions of businesses across the globe, Microsoft developers work hard to ensure their programs are bolstered by the toughest security measures on the web. But as technology advances, so do cybercriminals, and your information can still slip […]

A Dream Duo: How Microsoft Surface and Office 365 Are Teaming Up to Tackle Productivity

Microsoft’s Surface lineup has become increasingly popular among busy professionals thanks to their compact size, crystal-clear screen resolutions and seamless interfaces. These touchscreen-based devices and laptops boast a range of impressive features that use artificial intelligence (AI) to boost productivity and create a more natural user experience.  The software giant’s most recent round of Surface upgrades brings […]

3 Tips for Making the Most of Excel 365

For those who work with data, Excel is a lifesaver. Its functions range from simple searches to complex formulas that allow you to sort, analyze, and visualize large sets of information. The wizards at Microsoft are constantly working to make Excel more user-friendly, and the newest Excel 365 is no exception. With upgrades, new functions, […]