Facebook Marketing Spotlight: 3 New Features You Need for Your Business

Change is hard for everyone – unless you’re Facebook. The social media giant is constantly changing to create better user experiences, from updating its algorithms to launching a new interface to revealing new and improved platform features in Facebook marketing. This year, Facebook has turned its attention to helping small businesses succeed through the Covid-19 […]

Digital Marketing Trends: What’s Trending and What’s Ending

Staying up to date on digital marketing trends can be a full-time job, especially after a year like 2020. Thanks to nationwide lockdowns due to Covid-19, businesses turned an unprecedented amount of focus to their online marketing strategies, causing the industry to grow and change like never before. Even expert marketers have had trouble keeping […]

3 Ways Hackers Use Social Media

Over the past few years, hackers have found ways to use social media for fraud. Does this mean you should stop using social media for personal and business purposes? Absolutely not. The key is to be smart about your online practices. Cybersecurity is important across all parts of your daily life – from banking to personal email and social media.

4 Ways to Use Facebook Advertising to Drive New Business

If you’re marketing your business digitally, which you should be in this day and age, you probably have a nicely designed website, maybe some SEO integrated into your site and a company Facebook page. It doesn’t take a huge budget or hours of labor to get your business seen online. Actually, some digital marketing tactics […]