Can Dentists Use Emails and Text Messages Under HIPAA?

The answer isn’t as black-and-white as you think.

Dentists are going digital. While the practice of dentistry is one that requires close in-person contact, more and more dentists are using technology to communicate with, and about, patient care. And for good reason - a quick text message or email to a patient about an appointment reminder or billing problem is quick and efficient.

Local Alabama Hospital Wants to Settle Data Breach Lawsuit

The data breach at Flowers Hospital in Dothan, Alabama finally nears the end after a four-year long nightmare. While there has been no final court approval, the hospital has decided to settle with the 1,200 victims whose information was breached. Each person will receive roughly $5,000 and Flowers Hospital has said payments won't total more than $150,000.
What Happened?

A lab technician at Flower Hospital stole PHI records to use in a tax fraud and identity theft scheme.

3 Simple Steps to Make Sure Your Law Firm is HIPAA-Compliant

If any of your clients are involved with health care, you know how highly regulated the field is.  You may think you are complying with all the regulations and have lock-tight security measures in place at your law firm.  But you could be wrong.

Thirty-two percent of breaches in recent years were caused by IT incidents or hacking.

Tips to Maintain ePHI Security on Mobile Devices

More organizations are utilizing smart phones, laptops and tablets for daily operations but failing to include these devices in a company-wide risk analysis could lead to mobile device security issues.

Entities need to maintain ePHI security and understanding the potential risks associated with mobile devices is a key part of that, which the OCR stressed in its recent cybersecurity newsletter.

HIPAA Phase 2 Audits Begin – Is Your Practice Compliant?

As a part of the continued efforts to measure the compliance with HIPAA privacy, security, and breach notification rules, The Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has begun implementing the HIPAA Phase 2 audits, the next phase in auditing the policies and procedures adopted and used by healthcare entities and their business associates.

HIPAA Audits – The Wait is Over – It’s Real This Time

HIPAA Audits – The Wait is Over – It’s Real This Time

As an IT professional, there are several things that always keep you up at night when you’re responsible for the overall security and well-being of other business interests. The items change over time, but it seems there is always something, right?

Currently, the two items that concern me the most are Crypto-Ransomware attacks that are ever changing and affect all clients (I wrote on this in a recent blog here) and Phase 2 HIPAA Audits that have recently begun.