Why Your Business Needs a Proactive IT Approach


We’ve all heard the phrase, “if it’s not broke, don’t fix it”. When it comes to your business’s information technology, the phrase works better a little differently - “if it’s not broke, it still needs attention”. Not quite as catchy, but it has the advantage of being true - and following it will save your business time, money, and headaches.

19 Reasons Your Website Needs Updating (4 part series)

4 Part Series Reveals 19 Reasons Your Website Needs Updating (part 1 of 4)

Is your website establishing and building trust with your prospective customers?
Your website is a storefront for your business. Your website is most likely the first thing your customer sees.

Data Breach at Peachtree Orthopedics Exposes 500,000 Medical Records

The largest data breach in Georgia this year compromised more than 500,000 patient records including those of professional athletes and FBI agents. Watch the video below to find out more about the hack:

Is Your Keyboard Making You Sick?

Now that we’ve reached the time of year when those notorious cold and virus bugs infiltrate our office, it’s probably a good idea to do a little sanitizing. We hear it on the radio and drive past pharmacy storefronts all the time that say “Protect yourself from the flu now!”
But did you know that your work space and specifically your keyboard can be a huge factor in what makes you sick?
Most of us are pretty vigilant about keeping our kitchens and bathrooms clean, but how often do you think about cleaning your desk area – a place where you spend typically 40 hours a week touching the same few surfaces?
Recent studies from the University of Arizona found that the average desk area had 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

BIS Expands Project and Purchasing Department with New Hire

Robertsdale, AL (September 21, 2016) – Business Information Solutions (BIS), experienced IT security company on the Gulf Coast, expands their project and purchasing department by hiring Jamie Moyer as project and purchasing assistant.

Phillip Long, CEO of BIS Technology Group, stated, “It’s exciting to see how much this company has grown and continues to grow.

Employee Spotlight: Phillip Long, Founder & CEO

Phillip Long founded Business Information Solutions 16 years ago. Today, he’s the CEO of BIS Technology Group which includes BIS (Business Office Solutions IT division), BIS Office Systems, BIS Designs (the web design and digital marketing division), and the Veritas Consulting Group.

Should You Leave Your Computer On or Off When Not In Use?

It’s a common question we’ve all undoubtedly at some point wondered. Maybe you’ve heard arguments for both cases and still find yourself unclear on what is best for your computer. Although the question may sound like it would have a simple answer, I’m afraid it’s not that cut and dry.

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