Will Coronavirus Break The Cloud?

As COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, infrastructures across multiple industries are being put to the test. We’ve seen the strain on healthcare providers and delivery services, but there’s another infrastructure being pushed beyond its normal limits as millions of people are sheltering in their homes: the internet. More specifically, the Cloud.

As more states and countries enforce lockdowns to slow the spread, employees across the globe are turning to remote work to keep companies afloat. As millions have started to work from home to keep their businesses running, we’ve seen a sudden and unprecedented surge in the demand for cloud-based solutions.

With no clear end date for the pandemic, it’s certain that the need for dependable cloud usage will continue to rise over the coming days.

Understandably, many are questioning if networks will be able to withstand the surge or if, like so many healthcare systems, they’ll collapse under the sudden strain. They’re wondering – will Coronavirus break the cloud?

Common Concerns

Each business and provider has its own concerns about the cloud depending on how it fits their needs. How the internet responds to strain depends mostly on the qualities of your specific network: its infrastructure, wiring, and location.

Here are some common concerns about the cloud and Coronavirus and how they may affect your business:

An Internet Collapse. The most extreme concern is that the internet will collapse entirely under the weight of so many users. While it’s an understandable fear, experts say this is unlikely. While there has been an increase in internet usage up to 25%, it’s still less than the traffic seen during big events like the Superbowl or Olympic games. Remember – the core internet was designed to handle this kind of stress.

Poor Service. One of the most valid concerns is that connectivity and service speeds will slow. The level of disruption your network will experience depends heavily on your location and network capability. If you’re in an area with weak infrastructure but a high concentration of users, you may experience slower speeds. Those with a strong network infrastructure or low demand may not be heavily affected.

Problems accessing data. Many are worried that the surge in demand for the cloud will make it harder for their business to access its stored data. If your business uses the public cloud, you may experience disruptions or issues. If your data is stored on a private cloud network like BIS Cloud, you shouldn’t be affected.

Teleworking Software Disruptions. The surge in demand for teleworking solutions may lead to issues with certain products or companies. This will vary based on your provider and how they handle their network usage. Cloud-based providers can easily scale their network usage for minimal disruption.

How You Can Prepare For A Cloud Surge

You can’t control how many people are using the internet. But there are steps you can take to guarantee your business is able to access the cloud efficiently during this time.

Use A Private Cloud Network. Those with private cloud networks (as opposed to using the public Cloud) have a dedicated connection, making it less likely they’ll be affected by a surge in cloud usage. Our BIS Cloud solution is the perfect way to guarantee you’ll be able to work efficiently from home!

Consider A Multi-Cloud Infrastructure. Companies that rely heavily on the cloud have turned to ‘multiclouding’ to meet their needs. A multi-cloud uses multiple cloud providers in a single network to spread resources and minimize the risk of downtime and data loss.

Redirect Your Traffic. If you’re a global company, you may have a presence in areas of weak infrastructure. The best solution is to redirect traffic from those spots into areas with better infrastructure and network connectivity.

Use A Data-Driven Approach. Many SaaS providers are managing their networks by using real-time data to view problem areas. This allows them to route that traffic to less crowded areas to keep their overall performance high.

Creating a better cloud solution is a smart decision for your business now and in the future. If you need help setting up your business to work remotely, the experts at Business Information Solutions can help! We have a range of software, solutions and strategies to help your business work efficiently from wherever you are. We’re even offering a free tool that lets you access your business files securely while working from home! Contact us today!



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