3 Ways to Use a Blog to Gain Website Traffic

If you build it, they will come. Unfortunately, this inspirational business mantra doesn’t quite apply to your website blog. You may have the best blog on the web but still be hearing digital crickets when it comes to your website traffic. What gives?

A blog is an extremely effective tool for driving website traffic when it’s put in front of the right audience.

5 Things to Consider When Determining Your 2021 Marketing Budget

Budgeting for new office pens? Easy. Allowing for your monthly IT bill? A breeze. Determining your yearly marketing budget? Not so much.

If the thought of creating your 2021 marketing budget makes you hit the mental brakes, you’re not alone. By nature, marketing is one of the hardest categories to budget for because it directly impacts your business growth but can often feel unpredictable and even stagnant.

Effective Campaigns to Gain Emails and Capture Leads

If you’re a business, big or small, you need to have a running list of email contacts for marketing purposes. This means collecting your current customers’ emails along with potential customers’ email addresses. Having a running list of emails from your customers and prospects provides valuable ways to marketing your target audience and keep them informed.

Are You Using Pinterest to Boost Sales?

Pinterest is a great marketing tool for visually engaging your target market and boosting sales. But if you want to take the next step to increase your sales numbers and user engagement, give these social marketing tactics and tips a try:
Along with creating specific boards and categorizing pins for your products, be sure to include coupons with these items.

Are You Using Instagram as a Retail Marketing Resource?

Show Them What You're Working With
Businesses in the retail sector are quickly tapping into the 150+ million Instagram users, and their bottom lines are reaping the benefits. The new social media giant is giving businesses plenty of marketing muscle with great photo sharing tools, branded hashtags and location-based tagging tools.