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Misconfigured firewalls are a leading cause of data breaches and ransomware attacks. In fact, Gartner recently reported that 99% of firewall breaches are due to misconfiguration. Firewalls are powerful security products with many configuration settings required to make them effective at stopping threats. The issue is that if these settings are not configured or misconfigured the firewall can be largely ineffective. 

Over time s firewall rules are created, copied, and amended, they can actually work against one another causing unwanted security and performance consequences. Misconfigurations and conflicting rules can make the entire network vulnerable to sophisticated threats, unauthorized access, or intrusion. 

Rampart Gateway Control allows for comprehensive security management by using complete visibility into network traffic and threats to build a security defense template to standardize the deployment and management of your business firewall. Custom real-time alerting notifies the Security Operation Center (SOC) Team in the event of changes made to the firewall. 

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How to Stop Ransomware

If your business has been hit with a ransomware attack, you’re probably asking yourself: How did this happen? What should I have done to stop this?

For many businesses, the answer isn’t clear. That’s because all too often, businesses have holes in multiple areas of their security practices that pave the way for cyberattacks. While most business owners have security software implemented, they frequently overlook security solutions they can – and should – do themselves.

So you never have to ask the dreaded question again, we’re giving you the answer on the front-end. Here are 6 things you should have done to stop ransomware.

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