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Compliance Made Easy!

Many organizations must abide by some type of compliance regulation. These laws and policies set many requirements for each business to meet. If they aren’t met, fines and other consequences will incur.
With our BIS Compliance solution, we make it easy to be compliant! Our solution will focus on the security of your organization all while giving you the support you need to meet those compliance requirements.

70% of Compliance Officers Expect Regulators to Make Even More Requirements Within the Next Year



Compliance can be time consuming and difficult with some many policies and regulations. For one person, it’s almost impossible to stay up-to-date on the latest regulatory information.

With BIS, there’s a team of compliance experts to help you meet all the necessary regulations. We even have a library of pre-made documents so there’s one less thing for you to worry about. Plus, get your yearly risk assessment to find vulnerabilities.


Security is an important component of compliance. Most regulations seek to protect people’s personal information including social security numbers, patient health records and more.

With our multi-layered security solution, all of your clients’ information will be protected as well as your own. Plus, we’ll even provide security and compliance training to your staff. Once again, making compliance easy!



To be truly compliant, every organization needs day-to-day support to protect them from security threats.

With our around the clock support, BIS will monitor your systems, work with vendors, manage projects and provide quarterly vCIO technical reviews. All of these components are important to protecting your organization.

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Understand the Anatomy of Attacks to Stay One Step Ahead

Firewalls and antivirus stop many attacks during several steps of the “kill chain,” but the velocity and volume of new attack tools and techniques enable some to go undetected for minutes or even months.

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