New Guide for Architecture and Engineering Firms Reveals How to Prevent Costly Data Loss

For Gulf Coast Engineers and Architects Who Want to Prevent Data Loss and Ensure Files Can Be Easily and Affordably Recovered…

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What is the The Ultimate Guide for Engineering & Architecture Firms on Preventing Costly Data Loss?

In this technology guide, technology guru Phillip Long (CEO of , published author, CISSP and real estate investor) shows Gulf Coast engineering and architecture firms how to prevent data loss using his 8-step strategy.

You’ll also learn:

  • The top 4 causes of data loss for engineering and architecture firms
  • Our BUILDERS method strategy to preventing costly downtime and data loss
  • What to do once you’ve been breached
Plus, you’ll get a {FREE} BIS Cybersecurity Starter Pack that includes a dark web scan with report, simulated phishing email, cybersecurity training for your staff, network walk-through and one-page technology roadmap.

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Orion Engineers & Constructors

“Our downtime is very minimal and being about 120 employees, I can’t even do the math as far as the amount of money that’s saved just not having long downtime. A lot of that we credit to the proactive nature of BIS. It’s a partnership that works with both of us. There’s just not enough hours in a day, so it’s nice to offload some of the deeper IT issues. I’ve never had any problems as far as quick turnaround and IT problems. Usually, within the hour, I get help pretty quickly. So, I’ve been really happy with the relationship.”