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No business can afford downtime especially not a small or mid-sized business. Whether it’s caused by everyday disruptions, such as downed servers, or rare but catastrophic scenarios such as natural disasters, downtime can cost your organization a whopping $50,000 or more in lost revenue every year. That’s why it’s important to have a regularly tested, backup & disaster recovery plan in place.

If you are in a bind and need to recover your data quickly, then you’ll need to have a backup and disaster recovery plan and solution in place before disaster strikes. Although rapid data recovery is an important aspect, companies that adopt this kind of solution are able to withstand disasters and eliminate the negative effects of downtime. Our BIS Backup & Disaster Recovery solutions will ensure uptime while enhancing your business’s financial health and overall well-being.

Provide backups for all of your critical assets

Secure backups against attacks on your organization

Rapid deployment of your backups

The Cost of Implementing a Business Continuity Solution Is Far Less Than the Annual Cost of Downtime for the Average SMB, Which CA Technologies Recently Estimated to Be $55,000


As your business stores more data on servers, you need to have a plan in place on how to respond to everyday disruptions, such as hardware failures and server outages, as well as site-wide disasters like ransomware, fires, floods, earthquakes, and tornadoes. A successful ransomware attack happens every 12 seconds. Your business needs a business continuity and disaster recovery plan as a last line of defense.

Rampart DataGuard allows for rapid recovery of individual files or whole systems either in the cloud or on-site. With multiple recovery options, your company data, employee productivity and overall business will be protected.

With the current work-from-home environment, end-users need the data protected. The ability to back up desktops, laptops, client servers, and workstations without having an onsite appliance reduces the limitations of doing business anywhere. 

Rampart DataGuard D2C data is sent straight to a secure cloud that enables near-instant recovery for a single file to the entire system. Optional device storage allows you to keep an extra local copy if desired. You can have peace of mind knowing your data is protected in a secure environment no matter where your business take you. 

Business is rapidly moving to the cloud to maximize their most valuable resources – their employees. Currently, there are over 200 million monthly business users on Microsoft 365. Although this is a great platform for collaboration, file sharing, and overall increased productivity it also adds a significant amount of risk to the business.

Data is the lifeblood of a business and without proper backups, data in the cloud can be held for ransom due to security threats as well as human errors. Compliance requirements often require data to be securely retained for extended periods of time as well. Two things that most people don’t realize about the  Microsoft 365 is Microsoft does not guarantee against data loss and your Microsoft account can be hacked.

Our Rampart x360 Cloud is a cloud-based software that backs up and securely protects your Microsoft 365 data. Providing complete backups for your Exchange Email, SharePoint, One Drive, and Teams. All data is stored in compliant cloud storage facilities separate from Microsoft so your business is not 100% dependant on Microsoft. The Rampart x360 Cloud is HIPAA, SOC-2, and GDPR compliant.

Are your employees using consumer-grade file sync platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Microsoft OneDrive? If so, your business is at risk of data loss, data theft, corrupted data, compliance violations, lawsuits, loss of file access, and loss of file accountability.
As your trusted technology provider, we promise to partner with you to minimize these risks and support your file access needs. BIS CloudSync is the only cloud sync service that we stand behind and guarantee. Discover how file access can be safe, secure and easy.

How to Create a Disaster and Backup Recovery Plan

Did you know that two of the most common disasters that can bring a small business to its knees are power outages and hardware failures?

When these unpredictable and unavoidable situations impact a business’s network, the cost can be huge, and without a backup recovery plan in place, irrecoverable.

The Statistics...

Read more in-depth information about creating a successful disaster and backup recovery plan.

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