How To Prevent Data Loss In Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is known for its ease of use, seamless integration, and top-notch security. Because it’s used by millions of businesses across the globe, Microsoft developers work hard to ensure their programs are bolstered by the toughest security measures on the web. But as technology advances, so do cybercriminals, and your information can still slip through the digital cracks. To best protect your business, use these seven tips to prevent data loss when using Microsoft 365.

Turn On Policy Notifications In The Compliance Center

Microsoft 365’s Compliance Center makes it easier to stay on top of your company’s security requirements and protect your internal data. One key feature of the compliance center is the ability to set policy notifications that will alert users when they are performing risky activities, like sharing confidential information or sending messages to unrecognized contacts. These notifications can both protect your data and help train your employees on safe data and security practices.

Use Proper Access Management

Many businesses try to save time by keeping their internal files open to all employees, but this presents a large risk to your data security. You can prevent data leaks by applying role-based access to your files in the Microsoft 365 Access Manager. This will keep employees who don’t strictly need access to certain files from reading, editing, or sharing them.

Establish Multifactor Authentication

A single password isn’t enough to protect your company’s data from cyberattacks. To best protect yourself from data leaks, establish multifactor authentication to be sure that only authorized users can access your Microsoft 365 account.

Multifactor authentication requires a correct password and another form of identification, such as a one-time SMS code sent to an approved device, to access your account. You can turn on multifactor authentication in your Microsoft 365 Admin Center.

Use Microsoft InTune To Secure Mobile Devices

In a world that’s constantly on-the-go, many employees access your business data and network across multiple devices. While smartphones, tablets, and other devices are great for productivity, they’re not so great at protecting your confidential data, especially if they’re lost or stolen.

Microsoft InTune is a cloud-based feature of Microsoft 365 that gives you complete Mobile Device Management (MDM). You can set approved devices, manage restrictions/authorizations, and even wipe devices clean if they fall into the wrong hands.

Set Session Timeouts

It happens to all of us – you get distracted or in a hurry and walk away from your computer, forgetting to log out of your accounts. Multiply that by the number of employees in your business, and that’s a lot of chances for watchful hackers to take advantage of an unattended screen!

Session timeouts will log users out of your account after a set period of inactivity, such as 10 minutes. Microsoft 365 has default timeouts, but you should also apply session timeouts to your email accounts, internal network, and individual computers for the best protection.

Avoid Public Calendar Sharing

Especially with more and more businesses working remotely, Microsoft’s calendar sharing feature is a popular way for employees to share and sync their schedules. Unfortunately, this also makes it easy for hackers to get inside information on the goings-on in your company, giving them an open invitation to vulnerable and unattended computers.

Avoid publicly sharing your calendar to best protect your business data. You don’t want to come back from vacation to find that a hacker has been hard at work stealing your data while you were away!

Encrypt Your Emails

Cybercriminals are smart and determined and can sometimes intercept your data despite your best security attempts. When all else fails, email encryption will keep hackers and unintended recipients from reading your emails and accessing your confidential information.

To put it simply, email encryption “scrambles” your email message and attachments when sending them, making them readable only to the intended recipient. Microsoft 365 has three encryption options, each offering an additional layer of encrypted security. Be sure you’re using the most secure option reasonable for your business needs.

Microsoft 365 is a great business tool – when it’s properly secured. These tips will help you boost your security practices and keep your business information secure from hackers. For even more tips and advice on securing your IT programs, contact us today!


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