Disaster Recovery Plan: Preparing for the Storm Ahead

How Long Will It Take to Get Your House in Order

When it comes to a proper disaster recovery plan for your business, do you feel satisfied and secure with simply having your data backup on a hard drive or in-house server? If you said yes, then you could be setting your business up for failure. Simply having your data backed up doesn’t account for the time and effort it’s going to take to get things back up and running again. Many business owners fail to take into account the time needed to re-install software, programs, apps and upload files and data back into their systems. Even that plan is taking for granted that your servers and backup devices have not also been lost or damaged.

Mother Nature Can Make Problems Too

In the age of technology, the common fears for any business falls primarily on viruses and hackers. However, Mother Nature poses just as much of a threat. Just as you keep anti-virus and security software in place to protect yourself from security breaches, you must also plan for the event of fires, tornadoes, floods and hurricanes. These forces of nature pose a serious threat to your business as they may cause the permanent loss of data through compromising your physical storage and backup devices. The loss of these storage devices could set you back days, weeks or even months when it comes to restoring your business and services. You MUST ask yourself, could my business continue to operate in the event of a data disaster, or how long will it take for you to get things up and running again?

A Cloud to Save You on a Rainy Day

Off-site services such as cloud data storage and secure servers are the must-have data backup solutions for any business. Not only are they an inexpensive security plan, they also allow your employees to continue to access their necessary programs, data and files even when they can’t access their office. Cloud solutions and secure servers can allow you and your employees to continue to serve your clients and operate your business from home or an alternate location while your primary office recovers from the disaster. This gives you the necessary business continuity you need to ensure clients remain satisfied and served and your business continues to operate on schedule. Cloud solutions and off-site servers can also offer you the ability to consistency backup your data to ensure things stay up-to-date. When it comes to flash drives and other tape drive backup solutions, you run the risk of missing regular updates and thus when it comes to the recovery process, your stuck using old data and run the risk of permanently losing crucial software and file updates.