Business Associate Agreement Template for Healthcare Organizations

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What is the Business Associate Agreement Template?

This easy-to-implement template is perfect for healthcare organizations who want to be HIPAA compliant. Give it to your vendors to ensure they are dedicated to meeting HIPAA compliance regulations.

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Robertsdale Dental Office

“With The New Replacements, Prompt Service and Extraordinary Care BIS Has Given Us, We’re Able To Focus More On Our Patients And Less On Computer Problems!”
Robertsdale Dental Office Sees Decrease in Downtime and Computer Errors Thanks to Business Information Solutions
Dr. Jason Northcutt, owner of Robertsdale Dental Care, wears many hats at his practice. Not only is he one of the dentists, he has also taken on the role of office manager. With all of those responsibilities, the last thing he wants to deal with is computer or network problems. “When I have a patient in the chair and I need to look at his or her x-ray, I don’t have time for the computer to act up” said Dr. Northcutt. “I need to be able to access that x-ray immediately.”