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How to Identify and Protect You and Your Business from Online Scams


During This Webinar, You’ll Learn:

  • What is a phishing email and business email compromise (BEC)
  • How to identify online scams and stop them
  • The way cyber criminals are using social media to hack you
  • What to do once you’ve been hacked

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Get Your Recording on How to Identify and Protect You and Your Business from Online Scams


VP of Purchasing and Finance at Gilmore Services

Gilmore Services

“Staff Morale Has Gone Up Because I Receive Less Complaints About Our Network”

“Over three years ago, I sent out an RFP for an IT partner. While BIS made it into the top two, I ended up choosing another company. However, I grew unhappy with my choice because the IT company didn’t have the depth of technicians that my company needed nor could it meet an acceptable turnaround time when fixing both simple and complex network issues. After attending one of BIS’ luncheons on backup and disaster recovery, I decided to meet with Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions. I toured the facility, met the technicians and called on references. Every reference had a raving review. So, I felt comfortable choosing BIS. Today, I can sleep better at night knowing we have a good anti-virus, a great backup and our network is secure.”