Is now the time for your business to go to the cloud? Many organizations have saved time, money and frustration by making the switch. Could it help your business, too?

Let’s first determine if now is the right time to migrate to the cloud by taking the quiz above and then book a discovery meeting with our technology consultant to discuss the cloud

Before businesses migrated, they were:

☑️ Tired of having to go through the cost and hassle of replacing their server every 5 years.

☑️ Letting employees work remotely.

☑️ Using multiple company devices per employee including cellphones, tablets and laptops.

☑️ Spending a fortune to repair, replace and support their on-premise server.

☑️ Experiencing a lot of costly downtime from their on-premise server.

☑️ Concerned about data loss.

☑️ Using reliable internet.

If all the above resonated with you, then… “TO THE CLOUD!” Your business could definitely benefit from migrating.

Looks like your company could save time and money by moving from an on-premise server to a cloud solution. What’s the next step? Meet with BIS for a {FREE} on-site readiness assessment. We’ll start off with a discovery meeting so we can familiarize ourselves with your company.