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31 Cybersecurity Tips and Best Practices for Individuals and Businesses

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What's the BIS Cyber Fright Video Series?

In this series, Phillip Long, CEO of BIS and CISSP, focuses on all things cybersecurity in honor of Cybersecurity Awareness Month. For the next 31 days, you’ll receive a daily email with a cybersecurity tip linking to a video. You even have the option of watching all the videos through our online training web page.

This training course is intended to help individuals, business owners and their staff protect themselves and their organizations from threats, attacks and breaches. These tips and best practices come from Phillip’s extensive knowledge and experience from being in the technology industry for 20+ years.
When you sign up for this video series, you’ll get a {FREE} cybersecurity starter pack. It inclues a dark web scan, simulated phishing email, cybersecurity training for your entire staff, network evaluation, Microsoft 365 security review, one-page technology roadmap and presentation of our findings.

"It's a Partnership That Works for Both of Us!"

“In many cases with the monitoring, y’all are aware of issues before I’m aware. So, y’all let me know and y’all usually have techs on it. So of course, I sleep better at night knowing that. Our downtime is very minimal and being about 120 employees, I can’t even do the math as far as the amount of money that’s saved just not having long downtime. A lot of that we credit to the proactive nature of BIS. It’s a partnership that works with both of us. There’s just not enough hours in a day, so it’s nice to offload some of the deeper IT issues. I’ve never had any problems as far as quick turnaround and IT problems. Usually, within the hour, I get help pretty quick. So, I’ve been really happy with the relationship.”