Do I Really Need a Firewall If I Have a Router?

Routers are used in the home to strengthen your WiFi signal. However, firewalls keep your network and devices protected from cyber threats.

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With a firewall, you’ll pay a subscription fee to receive updates to protect you from the latest and greatest cyber-attacks. If you don’t have a firewall, then nothing will filter Internet traffic. Foreign countries like North Korea may be able to infiltrate your business or even your home network.

A firewall does more than just filter viruses, it allows you to see just how productive your employees are. You’ll be able to see who’s looking for a new job on company time, watching videos on YouTube or accessing their personal email accounts.

Just remember: Firewalls can be used in the home, they’re not just for business. If you’re wanting to see what websites your children are visiting, then a firewall can help you do just that. It’ll also help keep your network at home safe especially if you work out of your house.

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