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Have You Ever Had a Pop-Up on Your Computer Saying Your PC Is Infected with a Virus and “Click Here” to Install Antivirus Software?

This is a common scare tactic used by hackers to get you to click and download the software which is actually a virus. We’d NEVER deliver this type of pop-up to you. So, whatever you do, don’t click!

Quick Tip

This type of notification will resemble a system alert or a Microsoft operating system alert. No matter how legitimate it looks, do NOT click on the pop-up. You need to close your browser immediately. Whatever you do, don’t click on any of these buttons like X, “Close” or “Cancel.” Clicking on any part of the pop-up will trigger the virus.
If you can’t close your browser, open your task manager (hold Control + Alt + Delete on a PC OR Command + Option + Esc on a Mac). Then, close the web browser or application. Next, notify your IT team about this happening. We’ll be able to double-check by scanning your computer to see if it’s infected.

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