Are You Encrypting Your Computer
& Other Work Devices?

Encryption is key to keeping your confidential company data from prying eyes. If someone stole your computer at the airport or you left it at the coffee shop, then you wouldn’t want anyone to gain access to your information.

Quick Tip:

While having a password on your laptop will help, an experienced hacker will be able to get through that in a matter of time. They can remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer where they can access all of your private files.
Here’s What You Can Do:
Encrypt it! It’s that easy! Encrypt all of your company devices including your smartphone, tablet and laptop. While this may deter them, the most experienced will eventually break through the encryption.
That’s why it’s extremely important to have a remote wipe feature that will remove all of your files off of the computer. With our Cloud Sync solution, we have the capability to remote wipe your device and save you from a devastating security breach.

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