Read This to Find Out How to Foil Ransomware:

Do You Know How to Avoid a Devastating CryptoLocker Attack?

Not long ago, the CryptoLocker ransomware virus was all over the media, infecting more than 250,000 devices in its first 100 days of release.

What Is Ransomware?

Ransomware, like CryptoLocker, encrypts your files and prevents you from accessing them. After your files have been taken, the hackers will demand payment ($400 to $2,000) within a certain time frame to decrypt your files. The last virus hurt many businesses who either had to pay up or lose files.

How to Prevent It

Obviously, the best way to prevent an attack is to be very diligent about cybersecurity; but with hundreds of thousands of new attacks being created on a daily basis, there’s no guarantee you won’t get infected. Therefore, you MUST have a full, daily backup of your data in your office and off-site. If you do get attacked, then you’ll be able to recover the majority of your files without having to pay your hacker a dime. Don’t forget about your remote offices, computers and third-party software.

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