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What is the How to Avoid Getting Hacked presentation?

In this important presentation, technology guru Phillip Long (CEO of , published author, CISSP and real estate investor) shows local businesses how to protect themselves from cyber criminals including:
  • How to identify threats and stop them dead in their tracks
  • About the Dark Web and how to keep your info off of it
  • The top employee errors that can lead to a data breach
  • How to easily spot a phishing email and avoid ransomware
  • The security protections and strategies you need in place to not get hacked
  • What to do once you’ve been breached

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Ryan Shirley

“It Always Means A Lot To Me To Work Local If We Can.”
It always means a lot to me to work local if we can. I came across BIS through Google search actually and interviewed Phillip, one of the owners. We met, talked and discussed everything. We really hit it off and started building the partnership from there. Our people are located all across the country and they work from home. This is our home office [Daphne], but to be able to have access to people that can help us when issues arise and also when we equip a new hire, we’re able to get a computer, get a fax machine, whatever we need. BIS really helps us expedite that process. – Ryan Shirley