New Guide for Healthcare Organizations Breaks Down a HIPAA Risk Assessment into 6 Simple, Key Components

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What is the The Ultimate Healthcare Guide to Easily Understanding a HIPAA Risk Assessment?

In this tell-all guide, security expert Phillip Long (CEO of BIS Technology Group, published author, and real estate investor) walks healthcare organizations of all sizes through the six key components of a HIPAA risk assessment.

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Robertsdale Dental Office

“With The New Replacements, Prompt Service and Extraordinary Care BIS Has Given Us, We’re Able To Focus More On Our Patients And Less On Computer Problems!”

Robertsdale Dental Office Sees Decrease in Downtime and Computer Errors Thanks to Business Information Solutions

Dr. Jason Northcutt, owner of Robertsdale Dental Care, wears many hats at his practice. Not only is he one of the dentists, he has also taken on the role of office manager. With all of those responsibilities, the last thing he wants to deal with is computer or network problems. “When I have a patient in the chair and I need to look at his or her x-ray, I don’t have time for the computer to act up” said Dr. Northcutt. “I need to be able to access that x-ray immediately.”

Robertsdale Dental Care has been a long-time client of BIS. Around 10 years ago, Dr. Northcutt’s practice went digital and he knew it was time to hire an IT company who could manage and protect Robertsdale Dental Care’s ever expanding database of clients as well as their network and computers.

Business Information Solutions recently partnered with Robertsdale Dental Care to upgrade some of their older machines to meet HIPAA requirements. Just by streamlining his network and replacing workstations, Dr. Northcutt has seen a decrease in downtime and computer errors thanks to BIS.

“With the new replacements, prompt service and extraordinary care BIS has given us,” stated Dr. Northcutt “We’re able to focus more on our patients and less on computer problems.” Not only has BIS helped Dr. Northcutt’s practice, but they have also helped him personally. He no longer has to worry about his data, network or computers. “BIS has made it where I’m not the one having to go around checking each machine to make sure it meets HIPAA laws,” said Dr. Northcutt. “That’s what I have BIS for!”

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