Would your medical practice pass a HIPAA risk assessment? With more data breaches than ever before, it’s becoming harder and harder to protect your practice from cyber criminals.

Let’s first determine how likely your practice is to pass a HIPAA risk assessment by taking the quiz above and then book a discovery meeting with our technology consultant to discuss your latest HIPAA concerns…

Healthcare organizations that are likely to pass a HIPAA risk assessment have:

☑️ Had a HIPAA risk assessment in the past year.

☑️ All staff complete a security training within the past 12 months.

☑️ Signed business associate agreements with all of your vendors.

☑️ All of their staff sign off on governance documents required by HIPAA HITECH.

☑️ A comprehensive cyber liability insurance plan that would cover their practice in the instance of a breach.

☑️ Copies of all the governance documents such as disaster recovery plan, incident response plan and workstation use policy.

☑️ Assigned risk levels for vulnerabilities and impact combinations.

☑️ A written report of findings from their last risk assessment with a workbook of items needing correction.

☑️ Identified where PHI is stored, received, maintained or transmitted.

If your practice isn’t doing all of the above, then it’s likely you’ll fail an audit. This is very concerning, but not all hope is lost. At BIS, we can work with you to get your practice compliant and ready to pass a HIPAA audit. Book a {FREE} discovery meeting and we’ll give you a bundle of HIPAA policy templates.