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What Is a Hurricane Disaster Recovery Business Inspection?

This comprehensive, 4-point hurricane disaster recovery inspection will take a look at your business to ensure it would survive a disaster. It begins with a network evaluation performed by Phillip Long (CEO of , published author and CISSP security expert). Next, he reviews your backups to ensure all data is being backed up properly and can be easily recovered. Phillip will then work with you to analyze your disaster recovery plan and policies. Lastly, you’ll receive security training for your staff, a one-page disaster recovery roadmap, network vulnerability summary, backups review report, governance documents, employee testing scores and copy of his book.

But I Already Have an IT Provider or Someone Who Takes Care of My IT Internally…

That’s okay! We actually work with internal IT managers to offer another layer of protection or assistance. As for an IT provider, we know that you can’t do everything on your own; you have to delegate and believe, on some level, that your employees and suppliers are doing the right thing, but it’s never wrong to validate that they’re on the right track.
Don’t lose your data! Our comprehensive hurricane inspection will provide you with insight on how to protect your business from a disaster.

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Valerie Shantazio
Operations Director at Distinguished Young Women

Distinguished Young Women

“We No Longer Have to Worry About Being ‘Down’ for Hours!”

“Before Business Information Solutions, our server was being managed by two different individuals at a much cheaper rate. We thought our information was being backed up on a daily basis and it actually was not. When our server crashed, we lost years of documents. We spent many man-hours recreating documents and researching information that had previously been readily available. To us, this was more expensive than overall billing for the service Business Information Solutions provides. With the IT services that Business Information Solutions provides, we no longer have to worry about being ‘down’ for hours or days with issues. Calls and work orders are responded to very quickly and efficiently.”