New Guide for the Legal Industry Reveals How to Prevent Unathorized Access of Client Data by Hackers Using Our 6-Step Checklist

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What is the The Ultimate Cybersecurity Guide for Law Firms on Preventing Unauthorized Access of Client Information by Hackers?

In this tell-all guide, technology guru Phillip Long (CEO of BIS Technology Group, published author, CISSP and real estate investor) shows law firms how to protect their clients and reduce the risk of an inadequate cybersecurity malpractice suit using our 6-step checklist.

His popular 6-step data breach prevention strategy checklist is so simple it fits on one page!

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Frank Leon, P.C.

“From My Standpoint As A Small Business Man,
Every Minute Counts And I’m Not Losing Any Minutes With BIS!”

BIS Delivers Professional And Prompt Service To A Small Attorney’s
Office Whose Network Now Works Flawlessly And Never Has Downtime

When dealing with larger service providers, Mr. Frank Leon, owner and attorney at Frank Leon, P.C., was usually at the bottom of the totem pole. His frustrations only grew with the unbelievably slow response times he received from larger providers.

After meeting with Phillip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions, he knew it was time to partner with BIS, a company that could manage both small and large businesses while still delivering quick response times. “There’s no delay in response,” said Frank. “If we have a problem, I have someone on the phone who has a solution.” 

Frank appreciated the fast response time, but it was also Phillip’s business philosophy that convinced him to partner with BIS. As a business owner himself, Frank appreciates how Phillip expands his growth to meet customer needs. “He, unlike the other companies, grows his staff as his company grows instead of trying to bring in more profit at the expense of the customer.”

Since partnering with BIS, Frank is no longer frustrated by waiting for an engineer to show up or trying to get support over the phone. “The immediacy and response time is extraordinary, stated Frank. “I can’t imagine ever having dealt with any other vendor that has handled things so professionally and promptly.” Not only has the decreased downtime improved employee productivity, but it has saved Frank Leon, P.C. money. “From my standpoint as a small business man, every minute counts and I’m not losing any minutes with BIS!” exclaimed Frank. As an attorney, much of his day is spent out of the office. BIS has been able to set up an “office without walls” for Frank which has allowed him to increase his own productivity. So whether Frank is in the office or on the road, BIS is always by his side.

Disclaimer: “No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.”