Are you still purchasing Microsoft Office licenses for your entire organization? Many businesses have made the change to Microsoft 365 which allows for better collaboration, communication and productivity.

Let’s first determine if you’re ready for Microsoft 365 by taking the quiz above and then book a discovery meeting with our technology consultant to discuss next steps…

Organizations who made the change to the Microsoft 365 platform were:

☑️ Allowing employees to work from home.

☑️ Using multiple devices to access spreadsheets, presentations and more.

☑️ Running an outdated version of Microsoft Desktop Office.

☑️ Concerned about how secure their Microsoft Desktop Office applications are.

☑️ Wanting Microsoft Office’s latest features that save time and money instead of waiting on purchasing the next license.

☑️ Frustrated with managing all of their licenses and product keys.

☑️ Using reliable internet at their office and homes.

If those items resonate with you, then it looks like your business should go ahead and make the change. You’ll enjoy more productivity and security features.