If you’re spending money on Microsoft 365, then you want to make sure both you and your staff are getting the most out of it. Unlike the Google Suite, this platform is chalk full of features that increase productivity and save time. However, many people don’t know how to use them or even know that they’re there.

Let’s first determine your Microsoft 365 utilization score by taking the quiz above and then book a discovery meeting with our technology consultant to discuss what you can do to get the most out of your subscription.

Organizations who are getting the most out of their subscription are:

☑️ Currently using the SharePoint portal for managing files and optimizing processes.

☑️ Using Microsoft Planner for keeping their team on track through task management.

☑️ Have Microsoft 365 downloaded on their mobile devices.

☑️ Using geolocate on laptops, tablets and cellphones.

☑️ all of your mobile devices have end point detection and encryption.

☑️ Using Microsoft Teams to communicate through chat, video conference and calls.

If you need a bit more training on Microsoft 365 and its applications, we’ve got you covered!

BIS has an educational master class on the hidden gems of Microsoft Teams.

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the security features. This additional layer of security helps your business stays safe from cyber threats.