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“How to Manage Your Online Business Reputation”


What’s the Online Reputation Management Webinar?

In this 60-minute pre-recorded webinar, Josh Brown and Kenley Sweet, marketing gurus from BIS, discuss how to manage your company’s reputation online.

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You’ll also learn: 

  • What reputation management is
  • How to get online reviews
  • Policies on securing those reviews
  • How to utilize testimonials in marketing
  • What to do if you get a bad review
Plus, you’ll get a {FREE} Online Reputation Consultation with our in-house marketing and technology consultant. During this consultation, we’ll review the online reputation management report we put together which will help you with your marketing efforts.

Ryan Shirley

“It Always Means A Lot To Me To Work Local If We Can.”

It always means a lot to me to work local if we can. I came across BIS through Google search actually and interviewed Phillip, one of the owners. We met, talked and discussed everything. We really hit it off and started building the partnership from there. Our people are located all across the country and they work from home. This is our home office [Daphne], but to be able to have access to people that can help us when issues arise and also when we equip a new hire, we’re able to get a computer, get a fax machine, whatever we need. BIS really helps us expedite that process. – Ryan Shirley