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Stop Email Threats with Advanced Security

Cyber threats are on the rise and email is one of the best delivery channels hackers use. In fact, about 80% of cyber attacks begin with email. Unfortunately, basic security protections are no longer enough to thwart these attacks. Organizations must have a multi-layered, advanced security strategy in place. 

Keep your business protected with our BIS Advanced Email Security solution. Our in-house Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) has developed a custom, email security package that helps prevent businesses falling victim to the ever-increasing phishing attacks. 

75% of Businesses Experienced a Phishing Attack in 2020

BIS Advanced Email Security Solutions

Advanced Email Security

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Internet and email have become essential tools for business, but many companies are finding employees are using these tools to waste time while on the clock. Not to mention, put your company at risk of a security breach!

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