What is Advanced Threat Protection?

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We’re continuing on with our Tuesday Tech Tip series on Email Security. Today we’re going to talk about Advanced Threat Protection. What is Advanced Threat Protection and how does it protect you? Stay tuned.

What Are File Permissions?

https://youtu.be/9d75lm62BXM Today I want to talk to you about file permissions and the need to review those on a periodic basis. These are ultimately just files that you create on your computer. Many times, the files are on what we call a network share. The files are under the Q drive or the Z drive. […]

Local IT Firm Guarantees Gulf Coast Organizations Protection From Ransomware And Security Threats Through A Multi-Layer Security Approach

LOCAL IT FIRM GUARANTEES GULF COAST ORGANIZATIONS PROTECTION FROM RANSOMWARE AND SECURITY THREATS THROUGH A MULTI-LAYER SECURITY APPROACH Robertsdale, AL (March 15, 2018) – Business Information Solutions (BIS) launches one-of-a-kind security program for small to medium sized businesses called BIS Advanced Cybersecurity Threat Protection. This new solution provides organizations with a multi-layered, defense-in-depth approach to […]