What Is A Technical Business Review?

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For today’s Tech Tip Tuesday, we’re going to be talking about a Technical Business Review. What it consists of and why you should be doing it on a systematic

One Surefire Way to Bounce Back from Ransomware [VIDEO]

Whether it’s ransomware or a flood, unexpected catastrophes happen. Instead of being reactive to an accident, prepare yourself and business for when it happens. The only way to ensure that your business can be back up and running fast is with a carefully constructed backup and disaster recovery plan. In this video, Phillip Long breaks […]

June Newsletter: Why Goal Setting Doesn’t Work

Goal Setting: Why It Doesn’t Work | June Newsletter Goal setting doesn’t always work. It can be a positive, but for many people it is a negative. When we aren’t able to successfully obtain our goals, we can be too hard on ourselves.. When set goals do not work for us, we can get discouraged. […]

May Newsletter: 9-Step Checklist for Data Security

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April Newsletter: How to Dodge a Data Disaster

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BIS Hosts Disaster Recovery Luncheon

BIS EDUCATES LOCAL PENSACOLA BUSINESS EXECUTIVES ON BACKUP AND DISASTER RECOVERY TO PROTECT AGAINST DISASTERS Complimentary Luncheon for Pensacola Businesses Robertsdale, AL (March 28, 2017) – Business Information Solutions (BIS), experienced IT security company on the Gulf Coast, will educate local business owners and top executives on the importance of backup and disaster recovery. This […]

How to Create a Disaster and Backup Recovery Plan

Did you know that two of the most common disasters that can bring a small business to its knees are power outages and hardware failures? When these unpredictable and unavoidable situations impact a business’s network, the cost can be huge, and without a backup recovery plan in place, irrecoverable. Clients commonly tell us that a […]