Productivity: Is the Job Really Getting Done?

Are Your Employees Too Distracted To Be Productive? In the age of technology that has come with cell phones, email, instant messaging and social media, it’s easy to see where distractions can become a common occurrence. Nobody wants to be distracted, especially while at work. However, recent research has shown that the common distractions we […]

New Year’s Resolutions You Should Make for 2015

We all make New Year’s resolutions for our personal life. We set goals of eating healthier, exercising more and breaking bad habits or starting good ones. But what about setting resolutions for your business? To help promote a prosperous 2015 for your business, here are some simple healthy habits that are sure to lead to […]

Is Your BYOD Policy HIPAA Compliant?

Bring Your Own Device or BYOD policies are a great tools for employees and a money saver for companies, but it can also be a risky policy if not conducted properly. Mobile devices and a BYOD policy in the health care field can allow professionals to easily transition workflows, boost productivity and improve communication. The […]

Is Working on Personal Devices Risky Business?

It’s natural and common for your employees to want to conduct some of their work at home or on the road, and often the most convenient way is to do so on their personal devices. However, this could be putting your business at risk, and thus allowing your employees to conduct their work on personal […]

Are You Taking Full Advantage of VoIP?

The Capabilities of VoIP Have you recently made the switch to VoIP? While you may be loving the price saving capabilities it offers your business, you may not have taken the time to check out the numerous features and advantages it offers and the tools at your disposal: Unified Messaging This tools provides a great […]