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Less downtime means more work time with 24/7 Network & Data Monitoring

Your network is similar to a car. You don’t even realize how much you depend on them until yours breaks down. While a good car shouldn’t require a ton of attention and repair, all cars require some regular maintenance to run smoothly and last longer. So do computer networks. Continuous maintenance on your server, desktops, laptops, virus protection and security can go a long way in preventing disruptive and expensive computer downtime and disasters.
In 2019, ransomware attacks increased by 41%. With our Sentinel IT support plans, we proactively manage your technology so you can enjoy peace of mind and avoid downtime due to cyber attacks. We understand your need to keep your data safe and secure. At BIS, we’ll work to make that happen by monitoring your network and data 24/7. As you know, less downtime means more work time.

Get 2 {FREE} Hours of Emergency IT Support for Your Business

Time spent trying to figure out IT problems can be a huge drain on your staff and a financial burden on your business. Although proactive monitoring will greatly reduce the number of technology related issues, problems will arise that require a trained technician.

With BIS Sentinel Remote Care, you’ll have an entire crew of IT techs at your beck and call just waiting to solve your technology issues at our BIS Help Desk. Your phone calls will always be answered by an actual person, not a robot, and transferred to a technician in a timely manner.

As a business grows, so does its technology. Our BIS Sentinel Total Care package will be there to help you along the way with an all-inclusive IT support plan. Everything from remote, on-site, and emergency after-hours support to project labor is included in the total cost. The only thing you’ll ever have to pay for outside your contracted rate is the actual hardware, such as a server and desktops.

Despite our technicians’ best efforts, not all IT problems can be fixed over the phone. With BIS Sentinel Complete Care, you have access to technical engineers who will arrive at your location and work to resolve whatever technology issues you may have.

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Our Managed IT Support Plans

Sentinel Remote Care Sentinel Complete Care Sentinel Total Care
Guaranteed Response Time for Critical Issues 2 hours 1 hour 30 minutes
Antivirus Management Included Included Included
Desktop & Network Web Filtering Included Included Included
Managed Enterprise Firewall Support Included Included Included
Advanced Threat Protection Email Filtering with Encryption Included Included Included
Mobile Device Management with Encryption $ $ Included
Patch Management and Maintenance Included Included Included
Remote Help Desk Support Included (M-F 7-6) Included (M-F 7-6) Included (24/7/365)
Onsite Support $ Included (M-F 7-6) Included (24/7/365)
Project Labor $ $ Included
Cloud Disaster Recovery Backup Included Included Included
Business Continuity Solution $ $ Included
SIEM Management with SOC $ $ Included
Cybersecurity Training, Dark Web Scanning & Compliance Documentation Included Included Included
vCIO & Technology Business Review Included Included Included
Vendor Management Included Included Included

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