Simple Ways to Go Green and Save Green!

How Green is Your Business? In today’s world, everyone is making a stronger effort to recycle and save, both individually and on a business level. The great thing about “Going Green” is that it doesn’t just benefit the environment, but it can also benefit the bottom line for your business. Here are some easy ways […]

How Fast Can You Be “Backup” And Running?

Data Disaster Averted Having appropriate data backup solutions isn’t the only concern when it comes to an IT disaster for your business. Depending on what your method of data recovery is, in the event of a data loss event, you could be putting your business on hold as you put the pieces back together. Not […]

Are Your Employees Working or Web Surfing?

Surfs Up, Productivity Down? The growing trend of employees inappropriately using Internet access to check personal email, social media and browse the web is costing local businesses valuable project time, money and overall productivity. In fact, recent studies have shown that as much as 80% of employees are using the Internet at work for purposes […]

Productivity: Is the Job Really Getting Done?

Are Your Employees Too Distracted To Be Productive? In the age of technology that has come with cell phones, email, instant messaging and social media, it’s easy to see where distractions can become a common occurrence. Nobody wants to be distracted, especially while at work. However, recent research has shown that the common distractions we […]

A Simple Way to Increase Employee Productivity

Don’t Lose Information when You Update. Everyday it seems like a new technology is hitting the market, and in order to keep up companies are constantly updating to the latest software. While this can be a great way to become more efficient in the workplace, this can also cause employees problems if not properly implemented. […]

Are Your Employees Wasting 3 Hours of Productivity?

Time is Money In the age of the Internet, instant information, social media, smart phones, tablets and much more, the business world has seen great leaps and strides in the ability to reach an audience, clients and customers, but at what cost? Well, it turns out that cost may come in the form of productivity […]

Not Monitoring Internet Usage Could Be Risky Business

A Big Part of Your Business Can Cause Big Problems The internet and email are tools we use in business so fluently we can’t imagine the world without them. However, more and more businesses are discovering that these tools are being used by employees for activities that aren’t business related. Employers are quickly discovering that […]