You Won’t “LIKE” What Social Media Can Do To Your Business Security and Productivity

More Posting and Less Productivity

Employees using company computers to access their favorite news website, social media page or check the score of their fantasy football team is nothing new. The problem is these sites and apps are getting more addicting every day, and employee productivity is dropping at an alarming rate. Even worse, more and more companies are at risk for employees using company resources to access adult websites and gambling websites as well.

Create a Policy to Protect Productivity

The first step to stopping the loss of valuable work time and productivity among your employees is to establish a policy that details what your employees are allowed to do and not allowed to do with company resources and while on company time. You want to make sure you use content filtering and blocking software to enforce this policy, because the honor system just doesn’t cut it anymore. You want to make sure this software monitors internet using, company email and the blocking of sites and content that you don’t want your employees to access while they are on the clock.

Sneaky Social Use

Another stop you need to take is to establish a policy on the use and internet usage of personal devices that are brought to the office. While everyone has a cell phone, and emergencies do happen. You want to make sure your employees aren’t using their personal devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to access productivity killing apps, websites and social networks. This is even more necessary if you have employees that are on a BYOD or Bring Your Own Device policy for work.

Maximize Your Employee Productivity

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