5 Keys to Great Client Relationships

https://youtu.be/dkxsx8lJoEA For our 2022 Technology Tech tip Tuesday. I want to kick it off with five key ways that we strive as a company in order to provide you with better customer service. Communication provides the means by which great relationships and partnerships are executed and solidified. They lead the way to desired results of […]

Will Log4J Break the Internet? Experts Say Maybe.

Will Log4J Break the Internet?

One of the digital world’s most dangerous security breaches is currently unfolding, sending everyone from governmental agencies to cybersecurity experts scrambling to patch the hole. It comes at the hands of a critical software vulnerability discovered in Log4J, a Java-based software library used in nearly a third of all web servers in the world. Also […]

What Are File Permissions?

https://youtu.be/9d75lm62BXM Today I want to talk to you about file permissions and the need to review those on a periodic basis. These are ultimately just files that you create on your computer. Many times, the files are on what we call a network share. The files are under the Q drive or the Z drive. […]

4 Reasons To Use Microsoft 365

https://youtu.be/4owOrcyMRAA Hi. Philip Long, CEO of Business Information Solutions today I want to talk to you about four reasons why you should consider Microsoft 365 for your organization.  Here are the four reasons why you should consider adding Microsoft 365 to your business and how it can benefit you. Reason number one is Microsoft Exchange. […]

Beware Of Scams This Holiday Season

Welcome to another tech tip Tuesday today, we’re going to talk about the scams that we’re currently seeing out in the marketplace. What type of holiday scams are we seeing out in the marketplace? I want to talk about four of them that we’re seeing that are pretty prevalent. And the first one is mimicking […]

How Can Microsoft Teams Help Your Business?

https://youtu.be/EzBfM_IHG0Q For Today’s Tech Tip Tuesday. I want to talk about Microsoft Teams and how it can help your business.  We’re taking a look at the Microsoft Team’s dashboard right now. In this application, there are really so many things that are so very powerful. We know that we can do just a simple chat. […]

How Can The Zero Trust Model Help Your Business?

The Zero Trust Model Tech Tip

https://youtu.be/yIh1Vb43DRA For today’s Tech Tip I want to talk about the Zero Trust Model; Why you should care and how it can help your business. Let’s talk for just a moment about zero trust as it relates to the three parties here on the screen, the client, the security team, and a managed service provider. In […]

4 Things You Shouldn’t Leave Out of Your 2022 IT Budget

IT Budget Blog

Covid-19 has challenged every aspect of running a business, and budgeting is no exception. As businesses prepare for the upcoming year, many will be forced to prioritize where to spend their hard-earned dollars – and where to scale back.  You should never cut costs when it comes to IT, especially in 2022. Cyberattacks are more common […]

What Is Business Email Compromise?

Business Email Compromise Tech Tip

https://youtu.be/1tWWLbLWDZI Welcome to this episode of Tech Tip. Tuesday. My name is Philip Long. And today we’re going to talk about business email compromise. So let’s get started.  So what is business email compromise, really? That’s an IT term for when cyber criminals are using a business email address to exploit users to somehow monetize […]