Block the Breach – Why the Bad Guys Are Winning

Block the Breach - Why the Bad Guys Are Winning

The battle against cybercrime is more critical than ever. Cybercriminals continue to exploit vulnerabilities in systems and prey on unsuspecting businesses, leaving a trail of financial devastation in their wake. According to the Cost of Cybercrime Report, in 2022 alone, the global cost of cybercrime soared to a staggering $8.4 trillion. Shockingly, this number is […]

How to Secure Your Microsoft 365 App

BIS Blog Image How to Secure Your Microsoft 365 App

With an increased remote workforce and on-the-go culture, businesses rely heavily on cloud-based platforms to streamline their operations and boost productivity. Microsoft 365 has emerged as a leading suite of applications providing a comprehensive solution for collaboration, communication and data management. However, with the increasing sophistication of cyber threats, it is imperative to prioritize the […]

The True Cost of Ignoring Compliance and Cybersecurity

BIS Blog Image The True Cost of Ignoring Compliance Cybersecurity

The recent data breach at Cardiovascular Associates, a cardiology practice in Birmingham, Alabama, serves as a stark reminder of the true cost of ignoring compliance and cybersecurity measures. In late 2022, they suffered a serious data breach that compromised the sensitive data of 441,640 patients.  The Security Incident Unauthorized individuals gained access to the network […]

10 Important Things to Remember When Launching an Internal Cybersecurity Training Program

BIS Blog 10 Important Things to Remember When Launching an Internal Cybersecurity Training Program

Cybersecurity has become an essential aspect of protecting sensitive data. In fact, a single data breach can cause significant financial and reputational damage to a company. To mitigate these risks, organizations must invest in internal cybersecurity training programs. These programs educate employees about the risks of cyberattacks and provide them with the tools and knowledge […]

How to Successfully Implement a Password Manager in Your Organization

BIS Blog How to successfully implement a password manager in your organization

As businesses continue to digitize their operations, the importance of protecting their data cannot be overemphasized. One of the most fundamental ways to protect it is to practice proper password best practices and management including using a password manager application. A password manager helps organizations manage, store and secure their passwords in one central location.  […]

How to Create an IT Budget Based Off Your Technology Roadmap

Img featured how to create an it budget 3

Many companies find creating budgets difficult, especially when they’re not well-versed in their IT needs. With proper technology roadmapping, businesses can develop a more accurate and effective IT budget for 2023.  Here’s some things to keep in mind when creating your IT budget for 2023: #1: Look at your current IT budget This is the […]

Lessons to Learn from These 2022 Breaches

Img featured lessons to learn from 2022 breaches 2

The number of data breaches continues to be on the rise. 2022 saw its fair share of successful security incidents and 2023 is predicted to as well. Hackers are exploiting employee errors and software vulnerabilities to access organizations’ sensitive data.  Right now, the average cost of a breach is at its highest in history. While […]