Employee Spotlight: Technology Consultant Jeff Partin

Jeff Partin is the Technology Consultant for BIS and has been with us since May of 2015. His favorite aspect of the job is meeting different business owners from a diverse range of fields. He thoroughly explores every company he works with, striving to learn about their industries, business philosophies, past experiences and present day […]

Employee Spotlight: Kevin Meek

  Kevin Meek has been working with BIS as a Project Engineer for over six months. He’s thrilled to be part of a team that works together to achieve success. Kevin works often with one of the owners, Kevin Welch in designing projects, but also works as an on-site and help desk technician. Kevin discovered […]

The Theory of Constraints

This blog is designed to further explain The Theory of Constraints and define some of the processes and applications for discovering and solving the constraints in a business setting.

Must Know Info For Backup, Security and Disaster Recovery

The Importance of a Proactive, NOT Reactive Approach With the major role information technology plays in the way business is conducted in today’s world, it’s crucial that every business owner, both large and small, be able to see the big picture of protecting client and company data from disaster. Data backup disaster comes in many […]

Are Your Employees Working or Web Surfing?

Surfs Up, Productivity Down? The growing trend of employees inappropriately using Internet access to check personal email, social media and browse the web is costing local businesses valuable project time, money and overall productivity. In fact, recent studies have shown that as much as 80% of employees are using the Internet at work for purposes […]

Productivity: Is the Job Really Getting Done?

Are Your Employees Too Distracted To Be Productive? In the age of technology that has come with cell phones, email, instant messaging and social media, it’s easy to see where distractions can become a common occurrence. Nobody wants to be distracted, especially while at work. However, recent research has shown that the common distractions we […]