Employee Spotlight: Technology Consultant Jeff Partin

Jeff Partin is the Technology Consultant for BIS and has been with us since May of 2015. His favorite aspect of the job is meeting different business owners from a diverse range of fields. He thoroughly explores every company he works with, striving to learn about their industries, business philosophies, past experiences and present day challenges. This insight allows him to choose and implement the best available technology for each client, producing network and security solutions, such as increased efficiency, risk reduction and boosted security, to meet their needs. His passion and commitment make him an invaluable member of our team.

To Jeff, meeting client satisfaction by simply “making it work” is not good enough anymore. “Technology is such an integral part of business now, from day-to-day operations to combating cyber threats, businesses need a proactive technology partner that is always working to keep their network running and secure.”

Before joining BIS, Jeff spent several years in technology sales at AT&T. While there he developed a desire to work with businesses one-on-one in an outside sales/B2B role in the technology sector.

Jeff has received his certification for Small Business Cyber-Security through Trend Micro.
He spends his time away from work enjoying the outdoors with his wife and daughter.

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